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Surgery went well, this is how...

Posted: Mon Jul 01, 2013 5:57 am
by Airborne44
Just wanted to reply after I had done much reading on what I would be in for with my up coming knee surgery.
Well I talked about it with my sub doctor and the hospital.
1) sub doctor said to stop 2 days prior to surgery and she would switch me to another med.
2) hospital said 5 days and I was at the 5 day point right then.

My sub doctor was like totally cool and said what ever the hospital wants, we will do. She had me stop taking 24 mg Suboxone and put me on 30mg MS Contin 2 x / day (60mg per day total)

She said this would help with the withdraws, and also allow for the med's at the hospital to work.
She was 100% correct - I never felt one bit uncomfortable. The med's at the hospital worked post op... Didn't really need leg was totally numb...

24 hrs post surgery I started back on subs and I'm doing better then I would have thought... Didn't have ant post med's for breakthrough pain. (Great surgeon) and great sub doctor.

I was scared to death with all the posts I was reading, but once you trust your dr. You will be ok.

Thanks & have a great 4th weekend


Posted: Sun Jul 21, 2013 1:27 pm
by rule62
Hey Airborne44,

Welcome to the forum and congratulations on a successful surgery while taking Suboxone. I wish every doctor was like yours who knows about the tolerance problem with Sub. My experience was just the opposite so yours makes me a little more hopeful for the future.

This is the 2nd time I've answered this post. The first one went into our Bermuda Triangle of one week, never to be seen again.

Hope your healing nicely and get lots of rest.


Re: Surgery went well, this is how...

Posted: Sun Nov 21, 2021 11:54 pm
by suboxen
i didn't have surgery but had smasherd ,almost cut off three fingers in a machining accident, turned my last bone to powder and they basically had to stitch the 3 fingertips on. so i go see the work docthe next day, i had called ahead to my sub doc and told him, i wouldn't be able to get through this one on the subs, but he knows I've never had a dirty test, and have passed multiple kidney stones with no narcotics, so he told me, tell them to prescribe you a pain med, switch over, and i will help you back on to the subs. so i went to doctor he was a complete asshole and freaked out at the idea of giving me pain meds, so then he hits me with, ill have to tell your sub doc, i said please do . he came back in the room, and tossed the prescription at me, and less than 24 hours after almost completely chopping 3 finger tips off, tells me i can go back to work in the am. I went to work and told them look i need to see another doctor. i got to go see the one i initially wanted to see, because even though hes a company doc, i know he does what's right. when he saw me he said i was absolutely not allowed to return to work, until i had another visit with him in three weeks, very stressful time, but glad to say, all my finger tips made it, two are a little crooked, but better crooked than missing ill say .

Re: Surgery went well, this is how...

Posted: Fri Jan 28, 2022 5:12 pm
by jr315
I have had some terrible experiences with kidney stone removals. From lack of proper pain treatment to nurses being skeptical while I suffered pain in post-op.
But the good experience with pain management while on Suboxone (16mg daily) was after a 4 day hospital stay I was sent home with oral Methadone to meet my tolerance and oral Dillaudid to treat pain. It worked really well. I did use a bit more than directed but I stretched it out over 1 week with one refill. Then I decided to not push my luck and just went back on Suboxone.
It got me through the worst part.
The Suboxone clinic seems to think doctors will treat pain properly and so forth but the last 3 kidney stone removals were very painful and I encountered so many doctors and nurses who seemed very unaware of how to deal with the issue. It really put a fire under me to just get off the medication.