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Question about dose of Suboxone Film 8mg/2mg

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2022 11:45 pm
by ZenTrip
So, quick question about dose regarding Suboxone Film 8mg.
I always used to tear my films in half, creating two 4mg pieces.
However, with this I would tend to take 4mg and that would it for the day. I’d save the other 4mg piece for the following day, removing the need for opening a brand new one.

With this, however you are not taking the full 8mg amount, instead only half with 4mg.

So, which would you recommend?
Take one full 8mg strip per day
Or do half 4mg and then 4mg the following day
So you could stretch it twice as far
But you’re only getting half the amount of medication

Re: Question about dose of Suboxone Film 8mg/2mg

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2022 11:08 am
by Bupduped
The lowest amount I've ever been on was 1mg via the films. Forgot to take my dose one day and went into w'ds 23 hours later. Not sure if that helped answer your question but the point is the lesser amount the less time it takes for the body to use it up. Went up to 2mgs and that lasted over 24 hours but not sure how long it would take before feeling bad. Don't want to find out.

Re: Question about dose of Suboxone Film 8mg/2mg

Posted: Tue Nov 22, 2022 11:13 am
by suboxdoc
Yes, my patients' doses range from 2 mg/day to 24 mg/day. From everything I've read, you get the maximum opioid effect (most people anyway) at 8 - 12 mg per day, but higher doses result in greater receptor occupancy, which might reduce cravings.

I would encourage you, whatever you do, to be honest with your doc. I don't mind my patients accumulating a week or two of medication to use for an emergency-- for example if something were to happen to me again, as it did this summer. But you shouldn't have a large amount sitting around, and you should fill your script at the appropriate time. If you suddenly don't need anything for 60 days, that raises suspicions in your doc, and in regulators, as to what, exactly, you are up to.

I don't see any problem with tearing doses and using them after a day or even longer. Even if a strip dries out, the buprenorphine is sill there and will be released when the dose is taken. Buprenorphine is added to the mix BEFORE it is dried into strip form, so it is evenly distributed throughout the film.

8 or 4 per day? Really up to you. The lower the dose, the greater the chance of having minor withdrawal near the end of the dose interval. If that happens, a dose increase almost always fixes it.

Re: Question about dose of Suboxone Film 8mg/2mg

Posted: Wed Nov 23, 2022 10:56 pm
by rule62
Now you have me a bit concerned Dr. Junig. My doctor knows I take 2mg's daily but prescribes 4 so I don't have to come in every month. Some days I take only 1mg and have stored up several months' worth. Am I breaking some law here by doing so? I assumed my insurance company would figure out what we're doing and haven't spoken up about it as it saves them a little money not paying every month. Am I correct in being concerned?


Re: Question about dose of Suboxone Film 8mg/2mg

Posted: Sat Nov 26, 2022 8:04 pm
by docm2
Rule, I would tuck away 1-2 months worth (rotating the old periodically) and get on your current dose so you are filling every 30 days as your provider and insurance company expect.
You are not breaking any law, but if it gets stolen and someone dies you could be held accountable, at least in Minnesota.