2 months and 2 days since last dose

If you tapered off Suboxone or stopped cold-turkey, how are you now? How did buprenorphine compare to other addiction treatments for you?
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2 months and 2 days since last dose

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Note: you can read how I quit cold turkey after 15 years of daily use in another post, and the first update at 6 weeks.

Body still adjusting, but it’s getting better and better! I do still miss them, at certain times, but those feelings are getting fewer and farther between. I’ve learned to sometimes just feel a little bad - it’s okay, it will go away. Most of the time I feel just fine! BTW I also cut way back on drinking - from daily to weekly or less. I had 2 beers at a brew pub ~ 2 weeks ago and nothing since. So if I’m honest this has added to my struggles but I felt and still feel it’s the right path for me right now. But I do get bored… you have a lot more time on your hands when you’re not drinking… gotta use it wisely, I guess…
Overall I feel good, and I’m glad I finally broke the dependence but I also think the buprenorphine was not all that bad for me while I was on it. I had heard folks say once I got off I would start having all these “feelings” and things again, but that’s not how I feel - maybe that will change, but I don’t feel like it made me into a stupor all those years and now i have “feelings” I didn’t have while on buprenorphine. I don’t really feel any different in that regard, at least speaking 2 months later. I also think it did really help me in a lot of ways over the years, so I don’t necessarily regret it. I may have stayed on it longer than I needed, but it became a little like coffee to me (huge coffee guy here), I needed it to feel a little better and get through the day. That was how it became - the only concern was making sure I didn’t run out! I dont miss that part. But now I don’t need them to get through the day … so be it - I’ll adjust accordingly!
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Re: 2 months and 2 days since last dose

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That is some really great news Mr.Grapes. When I first read your original post on how you stopped it was a bit confusing until doing some research to see just how it can be done. Stil, it scares the crap out of me to even consider your method, but I am very glad it worked out for you. Having had a very bad trip on LSD I stay away from any substance that messes with my brain. Even pot I don't touch as that too is a mild hallucinogenic.

What I find really interesting is your statement about not getting a rush of feelings back. Like you used to do, I take a low dose of bupe and my emotions work just fine. It never feels like they are being pushed down or messed with. There are sad and mostly happy days and nothing feels out of the norm. I do hope your urge to go back on will diminish in time and you'll stop thinking about it. Some say it takes about a year or so to feel normal again. 15 years of use won't go away in a couple of months. Stay the course, you're doing great!

Thanks for the update and keep them coming.
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