Story about office not accepting insurance and panic

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Story about office not accepting insurance and panic

Post by DanOhioAwesome » Mon Dec 20, 2021 9:13 am

Good morning everyone! Hope everybody is having a great December.
So I figured I would share a story. This happened in 2015. In July of that year my doctor a psychiatrist who prescribed me suboxone for the very first time and at this point I had been with them for about 9 months. She tells me on December 31st she is retiring. That her colleague will be taking her practice and opening up another location. So everything will be familiar staff counselors etc. So around Thanksgiving then a little over a month to go until she retires (Dec 31) she decides to give me a little over a month prescription so that I can get to my appointment December 31st with my new doctor who is taking over. We say our goodbyes she wishes me well and that's that.

Around December 3rd or 4th I get a call from the new office that I will be going to and they ask if I can come in and I say well I have an appointment the 31st and I have enough meds to last me till then. The lady says oh you're a transfer patient not a brand new new one? oh okay we will see you the 31st. I think nothing of it.

It is now December 30th the day before my appointment and I get a call from the office reminding me of my appointment for me to come in about 45 minutes early because even though I'm not "brand new" I'm new to this doctor and got to go through the formalities. I say sure no problem. See you tomorrow at 2:00 p.m..

It is now the day of my appointment it's around noon and I get a call from the office. When I see they are calling I assume oh they must be able to get me in earlier. I answer and they tell me that they're not sure how they're just now finding this out but they don't take Tricare. And I'm like okay so what do we do? And they're like well unless you have a different insurance he's not going to be able to see you. So I'm like I'm out of meds as of yesterday. Tomorrow's New Year's Day what am I supposed to do I'm going to go into full blown withdrawal?

So they say they're going to try to contact the doctor that is retiring because they heard she still writing patients scrips as of today. That they will call and ask her to write me 10 days worth and that they'll just call it into the pharmacy.

So I'm like when can I expect this and they tell me a time.
I head to that pharmacy around that time and they haven't heard anything no calling nothing. Now mind you the pharmacy is like we're closing early today because it's New Year's Eve and we won't be open till 10:00 tomorrow morning and guarantee your office won't be open tomorrow so if nothing's called in within the next couple hours you're probably not going to get anything until Monday.

So I'm freaking out. I keep calling that doctor's office but I keep getting automated stuff. Finally I get a person and I'm respectful but I'm like somebody dropped the ball. They should have known the day I got scheduled with that office what insurance I had had you told me a month ago I would have had a month's worth of meds to find a new doctor. Now I am out of meds and if I go in the withdrawal and lapse y'all are going to be partially to blame and I will let people know that. I remember saying I know I'm responsible for my own actions but this is on you guys.

The woman on the phone was like you know what you're right. I'm probably going to get chewed out for this but I'm going to call in your most recent script to that pharmacy and just go ahead and head back there as soon as I get off the phone with you I'm calling it in.

I went to the pharmacy and they were working on it.

I'll never forget that day I was so freaked out and just so mad how somebody not doing their job really could have affected my life over that weekend.

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Re: Story about office not accepting insurance and panic

Post by rule62 » Sun Jan 02, 2022 7:54 pm

Most people who are not in our shoes don't show much sympathy for our withdrawal pains and fears. It says right on the instruction sheet not to stop taking the medication abruptly but they don't know or don't care. Even when the DEA cracked down on the pain pill scripts, many elderly patients suffered needlessly. My pharmacist told me a few of their customers either committed suicide or were hospitalized. That was a very bad time to be on pain pills.

Sorry for the side note a terrible story none the less. Glad all is well today.
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