How do you properly take the film for full effect?

Will methadone and buprenorphine together cause withdrawal? How do I stop precipitated withdrawal? What dose of buprenorphine is best? Do I have to be in withdrawal to start Suboxone?
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How do you properly take the film for full effect?

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I have been taking opiates (Norco, Percocet) since I was diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory bowel disease)& Crohn's disease & Ulcerative Colitis along with Rheumatoid Arthritis when I was 15 (27 now) and this disease has no cure, it just is possible to be moderted with the right medication and into remission. Unfortunately, I have been in such a severe flare up and my disease has progressed so much when I turned 19 due to my insurance not covering any biological treatments, for the past two years it's gotten so severe I have literally been in the hospital once a month for a minimum of 10 days to as long as 40 days. Along with catching COVID in between, SEPSIS from my picc line/ports, MRSA, and as of 8 months ago, stage 2 colon cancer (As my disease has progressed this far, spreading from my throat to the end of my rectum) that my primary doctor highered my pain medication as that's all he was able to do. I have a history of seozures- My family doesn't want to accept that it's an issue and blame the pain medication, so when I got last discharged from the hospital after being admitted from September 6th-October 26th, my parents said if I don't see their family doctor (who is also a suboxone doctor) and stop taking pain medication, I have to move out. Being I'm extremely sick, my license is medically suspended due to the fact seizures can happen any time and because of my disease and all the bleeding/dehydration it causes, I have fainted while driving so I am technically "a risk", and while I have my masters degree in graphic and website design, I don't have a job because I am consistently in the hospital, so they're my financial system. Against my will, I have been taking the suboxone film strip 3 times daily as the doctor wrote it. It's doing nothing for my pain, actually worsening. It's not helping anything at all. I am getting the film strip, I am putting them under my tongue, waiting for them to dissolve; Only online, there are places that say don't swallow the saliva,
spit it out- There are forums that say you can swallow. There aren't any real places that say how long it takes to dissolve, how long it takes to kick it, nothing. I don't feel anything. My brother used to take them as he used to be on pain medication since he has iBD as well (thankfully he's been in remission and got off them) and told me after a week or so you'll get better feeling than when you were given pain medication, whether oral or IV in the hospital. He said they also managed his pain perfectly. I am trying and trying and NOTHING. I beg of you, those who know all about this or can help, am I taking them wrong? How much longer will I have to wait for the full effects? Will they ever help? 😔. I'm truly in the darkest space but hiding it because of them and I don't know how much longer I can keep pretending. After 30 minutes I usually swallow the saliva that comes from the strip, have a smoke, wait for it to kick in, but never does..
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Re: How do you properly take the film for full effect?

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You're in a very delicate position. Your doctor I believe prescribed a very high dose and that is why you aren't seeing the results you expect. Buprenorphine, the main ingredient in Suboxone works well for pain if taken in small doses. Look up the Butrans patch and you'll see it's in micrograms, not milligrams like the films are.

When I was first put on Suboxone it was 3 a day like you. The 8mg ones. All they did was make me tired so I tapered down to 1mg over a years time. Meaning very slowly. Now I take 1mg most days and bump it up to 2 if pain is bad in my neck. Then I feel relief about and hour and half later. Don't concern yourself about swallowing the saliva, it doesn't really matter. I found it works better and dissolves slower if it's put up between my upper gum and lip. Then just swallow as needed as it won't create a bunch of saliva like it does under your tongue. It won't hurt anything if swallowed and it works best when taken through a mucus membrane.

This is just my experience and yours may be different. Others have their ways and you need to find what works best for you. Don't blame your doctor as a lot of them don't know too much about Buprenorphine. One's who listen to their patients know a lot more about it.

With I had better suggestions for you.
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