Does Suboxone Film naturally dissolve into a solution mixed with saliva?

Does Suboxone hurt teeth? Why does the film taste bad? Am I high on Suboxone? If you have side effects to buprenorphine, discuss them here.
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Does Suboxone Film naturally dissolve into a solution mixed with saliva?

Post by ZenTrip » Thu May 27, 2021 2:57 am

So I’ve had mixed results. Often times, I’ll be taking my Suboxone Film while looking into a mirror. Mouth open, as I can ensure it stays in place for hours on end.

However, as soon as I close my mouth, it seems the saliva would wash it away/render it ineffective.

So my question is: Is Suboxone Film meant to become a sort of solution that’s mixed with our saliva? We’re supposed to put it under our tongue or against our cheeks. After that, once saliva is introduced, does the bupe now technically become a liquid?

Starts off as a solid strip, gets applied to the surface area of the mouth. Afterwards it soon becomes a gel-like substance, which then eventually becomes a liquid like solution. IE the “juices” that were supposed to be swishing around, as everyone would say

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Re: Does Suboxone Film naturally dissolve into a solution mixed with saliva?

Post by suboxdoc » Thu Jun 03, 2021 12:34 pm

Buprenorphine is a water-soluble chemical. It dissolves in liquids -- just as a teaspoon of sugar dissolves in water or coffee. To make the film, buprenorphine is mixed with artificial flavoring agents and other substances that are then dried out. Buprenorphine is therefore spread out evenly through a strip -- and the dose is pretty consistent for pieces that are cut the same size.

Many of the 'warnings' on meds aren't as valid as they appear on the surface. There are reasons to avoid cutting the film, but maybe not the reasons you think. One reason to avoid cutting it is because that leads to doing things like you described. The package insert on all buprenorphine addiction meds directs people to dose ONCE per day. I usually recommend dosing twice, because the nature of addiction includes cravings at night, and it is a challenge to go 24 hours between doses. But taking it more than twice makes it more like addiction, where the person gets a psychological boost from it multiple times per day. Ideally you take it like you take a vitamin -- never 'as needed', but rather just without thinking, at the same one or two times each day.

Another problem with cutting strips is that you may leave a small fragment on the table or carpet, and that small sliver may be enough to harm a pet or child. Buprenorphine is VERY potent, even in very small amounts.

The film dissolves, and the molecules of buprenorphine, sweeteners, and other 'fillers' become dissolved in saliva. At that point, buprenorphine diffuses through the membranes that line the mouth, eventually into the small capillaries in those tissues. Buprenorphine never exists as a liquid, at least not at room or body temperature -- it is a solid, or a dissolved solid. Dissolved molecules diffuse through semi-permeable membranes, including the membranes lining the mouth, according to their concentration gradient. The high concentration of dissolved buprenorphine in your saliva PUSHES the buprenorphine into the tissues lining the mouth, which have a lower concentration of dissolved buprenorphine.

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