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I am 63yo male, 13 years on Buprenorphine,
10 years prior on methadone.
2 days ago I had outpatient "robotic assisted appendectomy".
I was sent home with 7.5/325 Hydrocodone which I will NOT use, along with Tramadol 50mg.
My understanding is that one can take (full opiate agonists like) Hydrocodone, or Methadone on top of Buprenorphine, but one can NOT take Buprenorphine on top of Hydrocodone or Methadone, as the Bupe will immediately trigger withdrawal, (something about receptors?).

Can I take Tramadol on top of my daily Bupe (14mg), for post-surgery pain relief?
In which, if any, way, will Tramadol "conflict" with Bupe?
Thanks in advance for any info.
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No worries, you won't have withdrawals mixing any other opiate with buprenorphine. A mistake I made the last time I had surgery was going off the Suboxone and only taking the hydrocodone 10mg's. It didn't do anything for almost 2 weeks until I got back on my regular dose of Sub and mixed the two. Then later on I stopped the hydro and just took the Suboxone. What I failed to do was read what Dr. Junig wrote here on his blog about surgery and Suboxone. Had I done that I would have had some pain relief, which I didn't have stopping the Suboxone. Live and learn. And btw, you won't get high either. The buprenorphine takes care of that.

So it doesn't matter how you mix them. Do whatever it takes to get pain relief.
Don't take yourself so damn seriously
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