Drug Screening Questions

Questions I've received about buprenorphine, Suboxone, Zubsolv, and addiction treatments... and my answers.
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Drug Screening Questions

Post by ClearRes »

Good morning everyone! I've been using Buprenophine for 3 years at least for depression. This is the ONLY drug that has worked for me through my 20 years of major depression. It is successful. After saying that, I am about to ask a question that I've seen bits and pieces on via the search feature but having a difficult time deciphering so please bear with me. :D

I am in 2 weeks, I am needing to take a drug test for a new job and have the following questions. Some of these questions are based off what I've read so far but maybe this will be helpful for others since I hope to have all the answers in one place?

1. Will Buprenophine (not the Bup and Naloxone combo) show up in a drug test? I've seen that this is varied on which test I am subjected to, which I am reading something of a 10 panel test and above?

2. Will it show up in any type of opiate screening? Any change in that?

3. How long will I need to stop taking Buprenophine until it will not be detectable in any urine drug screening? Days/Weeks? Can I try to stop using it 7 days prior and be okay; somehow suffer through the withdraws?

4. I read somewhere that if they do detect it, the lab company will contact me and consult but will NOT tell my new employer IF I have a valid prescription? Is this really true? Meaning, if it is detected and I show them my prescription, they will NOT tell the new employer and everything will be fine?

I think that is it. I've tried to come off this before in the past and it is always a bad experience. My MAJOR issue is restless legs and arms. Does anyone have any advice with that particular withdrawal symptom? This destroys my ability to sleep.

Again, I am so sorry for some of the same questions but I am concerned and confused by some of the posts thus far.

Thank you for your help and understanding!
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Re: Drug Screening Questions

Post by jonathanm1978 »

1. It's possible for sure..and it really does depend on the test. There's no definite yes or no for that question.

2. No. Norbuprenorphine shouldn't show up as an opiate.

3. The half-life of buprenorphine is what..37.5 hours? so if you take 8mg today at 12noon..37.5 hours from that time, you'll have half as much in your system. Another 37.5 hours, that amount divides by two. Another 37.5, divides by 2..and so on.
So whatever you take, keep dividing it by 2 for every 37.5 period to figure out how much will be left in your system.

3.5If you're on a usual dosage amount (12mg to 16mg..possibly 24mg) then I would say 2 weeks.

4. Not sure on that. Different rules for different testing procedures. Depends on the job, etc. I really wouldn't worry much about it.
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Re: Drug Screening Questions

Post by suboxen »

just wanted to say, first sorry im late t the party. but i just wanted to et you know since ive been on subs, i have taken a few drug screenings for employment, and it has never ever been a problem. i believe they need to have a test that will test exclusivly for sub and metabolites, like at the sub doctor. those are generally not the tests give for employment at least.
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