Anything else to keep in mind besides dose Suboxone film under tongue while holding juices for as long as possible?

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Anything else to keep in mind besides dose Suboxone film under tongue while holding juices for as long as possible?

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I’m currently interested in maximizing the absorption of Suboxone Film. Specifically, the 8mg Films with 2mg Naloxone.

Is there anything else to keep in mind, besides place the film under the tongue on the right or left side and hold the juices while mixing buprenorphine with the saliva for as long as possible?

I used to the split the Film in half and smaller pieces like 4mg and 2mg. Is this not recommended as compared to taking the whole 8mg film at once? It says Do not Cut, or Swallow on the package.
However, if you only take 4mg you can dose an additional time later in the day or even the next day! Instead of opening a brand new strip.

My Suboxone Films last for 24 hours - 32 hours. With a long half life of 32 hours, I often wonder about other people who say theirs dissolves in minutes. I prefer to hold the juices in my mouth for hours, even the whole day! By the night time I can still taste the buprenorphine, is this what is meant by maintenance
Dose? As it can hold and stabilize me for days at a time.
Dr. Junig points out the three main factor: Concentration Gradient, Surface Area and Time. So, with this knowledge, can we be certain that the longer we hold this Saliva mixture in our mouths after dosing Suboxone Film under the tongue, the more potent the medication will be?

Before I found relatively successful results with holding a piece of film under my tongue while it dissolves in front of the mirror.
Hours and hours I would stay in front of that mirror with my mouth open. Does anybody know if dosing with your mouth closed and full 8mg film amount is recommended? Which side of the film to put first, imprint side up or down? Horizontal or Vertical placement? Left or right side? Tongue up or down.

Like I said, it never dissolves is 10-15 minutes like is stated on the administration instructions. After placing the buprenorphine strip under my tongue, I’ll focus on the spot where it was laid..All day this will last. When dosing in the morning/afternoon, by the evening or night time I’ll still have medication in my mouth!
Also, has anyone ever noticed that the real drug becomes the saliva? As Dr. Junig says, buprenorphine is not active until in a liquid-soluble state. However, when placing the Suboxone film strip under the tongue, I’ll close my mouth with a relatively dry mouth until saliva accumulates on its own. All the while, the strip will be making contact with surfaces within the mouth as I try my best to remain it in place. But it seems the real drug we are clinging to is in fact the saliva / juices that is formed during the melting process instead of the actual orange substance
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