Stuck out of country, need advice.

Will methadone and buprenorphine together cause withdrawal? How do I stop precipitated withdrawal? What dose of buprenorphine is best? Do I have to be in withdrawal to start Suboxone?
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Stuck out of country, need advice.

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Hey folks,

I am on methadone (130mg 13ml methadose Solution) a day. I am currently out of my home country and I am stuck here for 6 days longer than I expected.

I am already going into withdrawal as I had taken my last 130mg at around 11pm on Thursday.

I cannot get any methadone here, but I can get some Suboxone (I have never been on it before). I am absolutely terrified of pricepitated withdrawal.

They are sublingual tablets at
2.5mg / 0.5mg respectively. Subutex is not available here either.

Language barrier is making things even more difficult. When can I safely take these? Pharmacy says that 2 of these (5mg beup should be around the equivalent of 60mg methadone or thereabouts. Which should make things manageable, but the 1mg naloxone scares the hell out of me).

Thanks so much for any advice offered.
MJ s man
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Re: Stuck out of country, need advice.

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I dont know if im to late but DO NOT take . You need to come off your methadone and that takes time. Bupe and Methadone do not work the same. That is the short answer. Im sorry but your taking a full ag opiate and the Suboxone ,Buprenorphine I should say must be take while in WD or over a period of time to lower ..
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