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PostPosted: Thu Jun 09, 2011 4:14 pm 
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I want to start this thread for new comer’s, people who are on Sub now and are not getting the true pain relief they need, or people who want to get clean but are scared there pain will be to great once off their prescription meds or drug of choice.

Side Note this is a long post

So here is a little background on how my addiction started and the injuries I have. I was a top baseball player for many years I was being scouted by top Division 1 Colleges possible Scholar Ships, invitations to open tryouts with the New York Met, Florida Marlins and Toronto Blue Jays, Played on USA teams for nationwide tournaments played against Japan, Dominican Republic, and Mexico and so on. Anyways during the winter one year my private pitching coach was pushing me too hard to early for a USA Team tryout which was going to be the most scouted tournament of the year. Anyways I ended up tarring my rotator cuff and missed the tournament but it was in the winter so my coaches, Doctors all rehabbed me way too quick too be ready for spring. And everything was kept real hush hush because scouts hear shoulder injury they turn the other way. But when spring came I was not ready and that was when I visited my first pain management Dr they talked with my Physical Therapist and knew how serious my injury was and how important it was that I can be ready by April to start pitching. Due to my injury and needing to be able to perform at a top level in baseball they started me right way on strong pain meds. They didn’t start me on HydroCodone, Percs anything straight to 20 mgs of oxycontin. Well I was able to pitch with no pain as long as I took my meds 2 hours before the game started. But with my arm and body being so numb all I was doing was just making my injury worst and worst but my dose was being raised more and more and more times a day that I did not notice the pain was worst.

This went on for a few years than my senior year of highschool I was pitching in pouring rain but it was an important playoff game that had to be finished that day because the team we were playing was from Michigan and had to be back for their prom the next night. And all we had to do was finish that inning for the game to be official and count. So the dirt on the mud was getting worst and worst and I threw a pitch as I followed through and planted my right foot it stuck in the mud keep in mind we wore metal cleats at this point and my body went one way and my knee went the other. I ended up tearing 2 ligaments in my right knee and that was the worst pain I ever felt so now I have severely torn rotator cuff from pitching year after year with an already serious shoulder injury but did not know do to being on a very high dose on OCs now with a knee injury to boot. Well as you can guess the same thing happen I was once again rushed through rehab and pain management programs to be ready to pitch my freshman year in college, which is pretty much the most important year to be scouted because that’s when you start playing against all the top players from each high school that are 3 years older than you too see if you can perform at that next level. At this point I was on 100mgs of oxycontin and my injuries at the time where not even noticeable because I was so drugged up. At first I did well but as I continued the knee injury was becoming too much and was just getting worst from pitching before it healed properly. And that is when things started to fall apart I tweaked my knee the last game of the season and that’s when oxycontin stopped working. Again same thing rushed way to quick for the next season but the pain was to great and that’s when I lost the most important thing in the world to me baseball.

And once that was gone the depression and anger fueled my addiction and at this point I was taking 200mgs of Oxy a day along with 800mcgs of Fentor and I was now a drug addict this went on for a while. My opiate addiction lasted over 7 to 8 years, than one day I went to see my real physician for the 1st time in 3 years had a bunch of test done came back for the results 2 weeks later and I knew something was wrong when they wouldn’t even tell me anything over the phone but the Dr wants to see you in person no questions asked. So I go see the Dr and he says I got some serious advice for you that you might want to take or you will not reach the age of 25. Come to find out I was days away from becoming a diabetic due to being athlete for so long I took care of my body so well but once I stopped working out and eating right I turned to junk food would eat dinner go right to bed which is very bad for you and when I started pain killers I weighed in at 210 at that visit I weighed 284 pouns. And due to be so out of shape and putting so much shit in my system my organs were starting to shut down and that’s when I made my mind up I wanted to get clean because I mean when you are only 19 years old and a Dr tells you that you will die within 5 years if you don’t change your life scared the shit out of me.

So I started looking into opiate dependency treatments and was told by a Dr that there is new medication called Suboxone which can be used for pain management and opiate addiction being young and scared I took his advice found a Sub Dr and started treatment. At first things where ok addiction wise but my pain levels where still pretty bad but I wanted to get clean so bad and was so scared that I would die if I didn’t I put on a brave face and dealt with the pain. But once I got well over the calling effect is when I started noticing my pain was getting worst and worst pretty much once I got use to the meds is stopped working which now leads me to believe that Dr need to stop lying to young patients that suboxone will work for chronic pain because all that did for me was give me false hope that things would get better over time. Well I wasted 5 years of my life on this false hope and there is nothing I can do to get them back along with all the other shitty side effects I had to deal with for those 5 years on top of things from this medication.

Well I just recently detoxed off suboxone for good I rather be in pain than ever go back on that drug. And started methadone 6 days ago, I am still on a low dose and just over these 6 days I have notice how much better my life has started to become. You can check my thread My SWITCH in the methadone section for more info. Anyways my pain levels are down I am actually happy and I want to be active and do things I don’t have to worry all day about this pain or this dose I take one dose of methadone in the AM and I am set for the day vs. taking anywhere from 2 to 6 doses a day of Sub depending on my pain. And the best part of this is I am getting the pain relief of a full antagonist without getting high and that is any pain management patients dream come true to be in recovery clean with low pain levels.

Again the main reason I started this thread is because my true believe is Dr need to stop playing off that Suboxone will work for true chronic pain and when I say chronic pain I mean your pain level never goes below a 7 out of 10. And that is the problem to get pain relief from suboxone you will have to be put on other drugs as in muscle relaxers, joint pain meds and whatever else suboxone friendly non narcotic meds work. The whole point of getting clean is to get away from needing other drugs for your pain. But that is why methadone is so great because you can actually start your recovery without need those other meds. Sure muscle relaxers are non narcotic for the most part but at the end of the day your body will become dependant on them and if you go without them for a day you will notice a difference. And that is just one other addiction you have to deal with which defeats the whole purpose of recovery in the frist place as well suboxone.


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