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PostPosted: Wed Jun 20, 2012 9:38 am 
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Good Morning!

I am so happy to have found this forum last week. I have been on the Butrans Patch for almost a year, after a long road with pain and lots of Doctors, surgeries, mis-diagnosis and many ineffective pain killers.

I am a recovering addict/alcoholic. I got sober in July of 2000. From that time until 2011, I did not take anything more than a Tylenol or Advil.

The trouble started in 2009, after the birth of my 2nd child. She was a planned homebirth, but not a planned BREECH homebirth! It was a very difficult delivery with a 47 hour labor. By the time she was 1, I was in daily debilitating pain and didn't know what to do. For months, I took Advil, 4 at a time, many times a day.

In 2010, the pain got worse. I couldn't take it anymore, so I went to Urgent Care. That was 11/5/2011. The Doc there sent me for a sonogram at the hospital which showed an ovarian cyst that had burst. Soon after, I had a laparoscopy which found and treated Stage IV Endometriosis with adhesions to my bowel, bladder, uterus, pelvic wall, and kidney. One ovary was removed. I found some relief after the surgery, but not for long.

In 2011, the pain returned, but it was worse. I sought out an Endometriosis Specialist to excise my Endo, and possibly do a hysterectomy. I had the hysterectomy in March 2011. Everything was taken. My small intestines were twisted and wrapped around my remaining ovary. The surgery took 5 1/2 hours, mainly to get my intestines untwisted and free the remaining ovary, which had to be removed anyway.

After the surgery, I was in severe pain. I had a morphine drip for 12 hours, and then they switched me to Norco 7.5 every 4 hours. I counted the minutes until I could get another dose. I had already built a tolerance to Norco before the surgery, taking 8-10 of them a day to keep the pain managable. The Surgeon would not give me anything else due to my history of addiction. He kept me on Norco until May, and then I went to a Pain Management Center.

The Pain Management Center introduced me to Butrans. It helped some, but I still needed Norco for breakthrough pain. I completed 4 weeks of the Pain Program, but found little relief for my pain.

My PCP took over my care and we went from Norco to Morphine (MS Contin) to Fentanyl. All of them worked for a while, but my tolerance built quickly and when I was up to 75 mg of Fentanyl Ptach every 2 days and ran out early, my PCP put me back on Butrans.

I saw my Rheumy in November 2010 and he diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia. This helped me a little, at least it exolained why my post op pain never went away. He rx'd Ambien for sleep, and Gabapentin. However, I cannot take Gabapentin, Lyrica or Neurontin. I tried all of them and feel like I am floating. Plus, they did not help the pain either.

I have been on Butrans for pain since Seotember 2010- trying to accept that this is how I will have to live my life, in constant pain. There are other things that work: massage therapy- especially if the therapist has training in myofascial release. Hot baths with Epsom Salts. Gentle stretching. I would love to try acupuncture, but it is not covered by my insurance. Maybe one day soon.

This summer has been hard for me with the Butrans. I am more active with my kids than before. I have been out in the hot weather for soccer practice, swimming, etc. and the patch can not stand up to these conditions. I went to my PCP to ask him to RX me Subutex or Suboxone, thanks to hatmaker, I knew he could write it as long as he indicated it was for pain. He said he would research it and let me know. Then, he told me no.

So, that's when I found this forum. I knew that I needed to get on Suboxone, so I found a doctor in my area. I went last week for the consultation. The Doctor said he had never worked with anyone on Butrans, but he was happy to treat me with Suboxone in his clinic. I go once a week for 8 weeks, then we put a plan together for long-term maintenance, if it's working.

Yesterday, I went for my first clinic. He prescribed 8mg Suboxone once a day. He said I could take 1/2 to 1 per day and gave me 7 pills. I took 1/2 yesterday, and 30 minutes later, I could not believe how much better I felt! NOT high. I felt normal and my pain was almost GONE! I still has a little pain, but NOTHING compared to Butrans or any other pain med I have tried. I am still amazed!

I just took my 4mg dose this morning and will take another 4mg dose if needed later today. I hope that is not the case.

I am very hopeful that this may be a big part of my pain solution. I have read and read on the forum and found so much hope, inspiration and information.

A little more about me: I have two wonderful daughters, ages 4 and 7. We have been through a lot in the last few years. My husband is a painter and has long bouts of unemployment. We lost a house and have been renting for about 3 years. We have been very lucky to keep up and provide our children with a somewhat normal lifestyle. My husband tries to be supportive, but most of the time, his response to my pain and inability to function normally is anger. I find very little joy in life and struggle to keep up a good vibe for my girls. Another thing that has hit me hard is the loss of friends since I got sick. I feel totally betrayed and alone. My faith in people is very shaken. I had no idea the people in my life that I had loved and taken into my life as family were so shallow. Many of them still believe I am faking this, or at least over-exaggerating. Because of this, until recently I didn't share with anyone, even my husband. I was terrified of more judgement and betrayal. However, I was so lonely, depressed and confused. I didn't know how to deal with this devastating disease alone.

I am in counseling and that is helping. I also see a psychiatrist who presribes me Adderall and Klonopin, both have been a huge help to me. I can function and take care of my children. We go places and have fun together. I am also learning balance. Not to do to much, because I will be in pain later if I do.

I am so happy I found you all. Is there anyone else out there who takes Suboxone for Chronic Pain? I hear it will work for many years with no tolerance built to it. That would be AMAZING for me!!!! I don't mind being on medication, if it works and does not impair my judgement. I don't want to get high, just feel less pain. I only expected maybe 60-80% pain relief from SUboxone, I am so happy it's more than I expected.

Thanks for welcoming me..and being here!

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2012 12:47 am 
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YOU my friend, have been thru the ringer, and hung out to dry, huh????

WELCOME to our lil 'community'

I think you'll find a lot of support here, at least I have. and I too, felt VERY alone , when I found this place. It felt like all my so-called-friends, were NOwhere to be found, and even most of my family.

you've really been thru alot, Im amazed your still holding it all together!!!!!! Pat yourself on the back , and congrats for not being bat-shit nuts after all that crap!!!!!! (pardon, my french :roll: )

I had about a ten year 'run' of addiction to painkillers, you know same ol story. I work construction (totally understand the bouts of unemployment, as well!) and I actually had a back injury while on the job, when I first was introduced to opiates. around 2001. I was like, WHERE have these been all my life?? LOL

Long story short, two bad car wrecks later, and a whole lotta money down the drain,
I started suboxone, april 2011.
I did NOT think I would get much pain relief at all, my back had hurt so bad for so long. (I apparently have bone to bone contact in the lower part of my back, about a third of the way up, and the nerves of course are pinched, and arthritus too)

For me, it took about two weeks, before I really felt relief, becuase I was experiencing w/d I think.
But the important thing is, I did get relief, and I really never had as much even when I was taking loads of opiates.
Here it is , 14 months later,
and Yes, I still feel relief.
The suboxone doesnt take away ALL my pain, NO. But it does make it tolerable. I wake up every morning , about 3am, and get outta bed to sleep in our lazyboy recliner, with my feet up. something about the recliner, makes my back feel better, I dont get it, lol
Anyway, I still get stiff on the drive home from work, and some days I still feel the nerve pain all the way down my legs. BUT, like I said, the suboxone does relieve it somewhat, and at least I know Im alive when I feel a little pain, right? :lol:

Im so HAPPY you found something that works for you, and I hope it continues to do so. I havent noticed any type of a tolerance like what happens with opiates. And Im very thankful for that!!
Daily pain, just sucks :roll:
But I really hope this 'program' works for you!!!!!!!

Keep us updated, ok?????
everyone deserves to be happy, and I hope that you find your hapiness agian, with some pain relief.

Theres lots of good people around here, and good information too.

agian,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Welcome, and please stick around!!!!!!!!

Amber :wink:

anyone can give up,
its the easiest thing in the world to do, but to
hold it together, when everyone would understand if you fell apart

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