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PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 10:54 am 
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I thought suboxone was suppose to curb the cravings. I'm having horrible cravings. Dr is having me take 12 mgs a day. I started last Thursday on 16 mgs. Had 16 mgs Friday and Saturday as well. Then 12 mgs for the remainder of a month. Thoughts??

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 11:56 am 
Hi. I'm sorry about your cravings. I know how you feel. That's the worst part in a way because there isn't a whole lot you can do about it! Your dose may be a little low although many would argue that. I started out on 2-3 8mg/day for the first few weeks but realized soon that I did not need that much and settled in at about 12-16mg/day for that first month or so. I did however, still have some cravings. I still do 5 months later and being quite stable on Suboxone otherwise. I know I've read that Sub literally kills cravings for some people and I wish it did that completely for me, but it never has. I don't know that I will ever be completely free of that wanting to 'escape' feeling and that energized feeling that opiates gave me. BUT, the cravings are totally manageable.
Having said all that, I think the dose you're on is more than likely adequate. It's just gonna take some time for those cravings to not feel so overwhelming. It helped me to remember where I'd been when the cravings hit. Remind myself of how bad things had gotten. Remind myself of how truly blessed I am to have this Suboxone saving me from how bad this thing would be without it. Remind myself of how much I want to be better, to be free from the craziness of addiction. Then you get up and you go do something....anything. Just get your mind and your body occupied. This is a good time to start to working on new healthy lifestyle habits. You've got the Sub on board, for the most part it's doing its job, now you've got to do your part. Hit your knees and pray or meditate, go to the gym or take a walk, whatever it takes to redirect yourself.
You're going to be okay. This is not easy and it's a stressful time of year, we all understand. But you can do this. If you feel your cravings are unmanageable give your doctor a call and let him know. He may want to adjust your dose.
Here's the thing - don't give in to this. Even if you try some pain pills, they won't work. Many have had to prove this to themselves. The Suboxone will block the action of the pain pills and you'll feel bad for having a lapse and it won't have done you any good! You're in this boat now. That's one of the beautiful things about Sub - if you're gonna relapse, it's gonna take a lot of planning! You'll come to enjoy more and more the stability of being on Sub after a while and the cravings will begin to subside. Again, if you're feeling especially vulnerable, call your doctor and get some more help.
Hang tough!

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