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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 2:44 am 
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Ok so here's my situation I am on suboxone and takimg 4mg a day and have been trying to decrease from that I am currently. 33 wks pregnant I am stressing myself out to no e. I have a boyfreind of 4 years who doesn't knoe I'm on suboxone I understand its not a good situation and I should tell him and I would give anything to feel like I cld do so I promise I will spare the details but its not an option to tellhim I am a work in progress and am teying mt best to get off sub but I have only made it down to 4mg believe me I can't wait for the day I can say I'm off it and don't have to lie I do although have a extremely supportive family behind me that do know and I have suboxone to thank for living a normal life but anyways about pregnancy when I got pregnant I went to a doc and told him everything boyfreind suboxone he basically told me I had no option but to tell him and I could barley hold myself together to walk out of his office due to being so upset like I said that is just not an option I then decided after speaking with my family I would go to another doctor and not say anything about sub and hope for the best everything with my pregnancy has been great baby looks great everything from levels to heart rate have been perfect but now that its getting closer to delivery time I am so worried I can't loose him I just can't we have a nursery all set up and are so excuted about becoming a family but if he finds out he will be devestated it would literally break gis heart and he would. Without question leave me I'm due on christmas day and I just can't imagine having a baby at such a happy time and loosing the peraon who nxt to this baby means the most to me but I don't know what to do I would love to tell my doctor and she has been the greatest but I'm scared ahe will give me the same response as the other doctor and not only that but we are not married do I have privacy rights regarding ke and the baby if sonething did happen would they tell him too?? All of my drug test have came back fine and sub hasnr showed up but where I live I wouldn't be suprised if they did do a drug teat on the baby for it due to the area I live in has a very large drug problem they even built a special unit for nas babies any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 03, 2012 12:53 pm 
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Hello there,,,,,,,
congrats on the baby.....glad to hear everything is well and good up to this point.....It is a VERY stressful time,,
getting ready to have a baby, that's for sure...........
so, there are MANY stories in our pregnancy section here, of babies born to moms that were on MUCH higher doses than you are on,
and had NO withdrawl symptoms at all..... it SEEMS like about 8 outta 10 end up that way,,,,,, looking like every other baby in the delivery room.
So the first thing I have for you, is THIS link...................
I'd suggest you print it out, IF you can, it may be of some good use,,,,, down the road........... ... 0Blog%2529

So, do YOU have a valid Rx for suboxone????
If not, it would be a really good idea, to try and get into see someone, and GET ONE..............
there's still time,,,, there was a woman on here not to long ago, that got the RX, just two days before she delivered.
if you need links to find a doctor, LET ME KNOW.

I would also suggest, writing a letter,,,,,
you dont have to address it to anyone, but write up SOMETHING saying, how bad your drug addiction was/is and how suboxone has changed your life, and your ability to control cravings.
SLOWLY but surely,,,,
the medical community is STARTING to figure out that suboxone IS safer than methadone for pregnancy, AND, that MOST babies DO NOT withdrawl from it!!!!
so, the article I gave you the link for would probably be a good idea, to have with your letter as well.
ANOTHER reason for the letter, is to CALM YOURSELF DOWN....................
I honestly think that if YOU FEEL you have a 'plan' in place, you'll feel alot better.
The only thing anyone can really do, IF you DO test + for buprenorphine,,,,,,,,
whether you have a script or not, is "question" you.
If you have that letter ALL READY to go, to back up your reasons for being on it,,,,,,
well, things are much more likely to go smoother,
PLEASE know,that CPS and "like" agencies, SOMETIMES try and get NEW mothers to SIGN papers saying they are giving permission to "open a case" to investigate....... at least that's whats happened here a few times............
they had no REAL evidence to do so, but if you sign a paper saying they can, WELL you just GAVE them the right to.
SO, if anyone tries to have you sign anything in a hurry or says, if you dont sign this, we can take your baby,,,,,
PLEASE read thru it, DO your OWN research, on the laws in your state, and KNOW what to say, AHEAD of time........
all the emotions you feel after having a BABY,,, are not good for "decision making"
other than what PJ"s your gonna dress your brand new baby in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Im not trying to freak you out even more,I just want you to be as PREPARED as possible.

script,,, first thing, if you dont already have it,,,even if you have an appoiintment set up, for after the baby, that's ENOUGHto keep things legal/legit.........
second, the letter, the article about MOST newborns having NO w/d symptoms..........
I also should mention that suboxone/buprenorphine has to be tested for, with it's own special test. there have been a few women
that have come thru here, and NOT said ONE thing to any doctor at the hospital, about being on suboxone, and they were
nothing showed up,,, no "signs of withdrawl"

here's one story you should def read,,, this thread she posted, first

this second

here's yet another story, from just here lately,
where she did NOT have a valid Rx, until AFTER the baby was born

Well, that's quite a bit of "homework" for ya here,
so I'll let you get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you need anymore links, or help or like I said, help finding a dr. let me know!!!
Post anything else that might be bothering you,,,, or stressing you out,,,,,, its no good for the baby, or YOU
to stress yourself out,that can only make things MORE complicated.........

and YOU are doing the BEST YOU CAN!!!
I think you've made the BEST decision you could, you've done the resposible thing,,,,,
If you were still deep in active addiction, then you MIGHT have something to feel guilty about!!!
I was still in the opiate hole, when I was pregnant, i didnt know ANYTHING about suboxone,
my son will be four, in december..........
He was born a few weeks premature, and he was really tiny,,,, but he did gain wieght, and things ended up well.
it was still really scary, and a very hard time for me.
And, I do feel guilty about using while I was pregnant, at least I WAS ABLE to cut down though,,,, not for me,
but for HIM, i think.... cuz as soon as he was born,,,,
toot-toot....... back on the opiate train!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope this helps at least a little bit.......
Keep us posted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
good luck, and take care of yourself and that baby!!!

anyone can give up,
its the easiest thing in the world to do, but to
hold it together, when everyone would understand if you fell apart

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2012 1:22 am 
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Welcome to our forum, Kele! Congratulations on your new baby! Like Amber, I think that everything is probably going to work out fine. I am going to challenge you on a couple of points, though. This is not because I don't like you or support you, but I want to make sure that you've thought some things through.

First of all, I don't have a problem with you getting a doctor who doesn't know about your suboxone use. As Amber says, the chance of your baby going through withdrawal is somewhat small, but do you have a back-up plan in case your baby does show signs of opiate withdrawal? Amber gave you an excellent resource to help you determine if your baby is going through opiate withdrawal. I know that you want to be the best mom possible, so I can't imagine that you would withhold medical treatment if your baby was suffering. However, if that happens, there isn't any way that you're going to be able to keep the information from your boyfriend. I would suggest coming up with a plan ahead of time to help you talk to your boyfriend about your suboxone use, just in case. It might be helpful to talk to him with someone else in the room who knows your situation and can speak about it calmly and in an educated way. For example, when I told my husband about being addicted, I had our minister come over before I told him. It made me feel a little more brave.

I won't go into whether or not it is advisable, ethical, moral, etc., to keep this from your boyfriend, because only you know all the people involved. I am certainly sad for you that you can't share this part of yourself with the man you love. I'm sad for him too. He might want to be in a position to help support your recovery, but doesn't have the opportunity because you choose not to tell him. My hope for you is that everything goes perfectly with your new little one and that your relationship with your boyfriend deepens to the point where you can tell him about your addiction and recovery.

Good luck, and please stay around! This is a really supportive place in many ways.


P.S. I hesitate to bring this up because I'm not a grammar nazi, but I had such a hard time reading your post that I thought you should know. It was really difficult to get through your post because there were no/few periods or capital letters to show when you started a new sentence. I only care about this because I want everyone to be able to read your stuff, not because I'm trying to school you. :)

Done is better than perfect!

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