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PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2013 5:18 pm 
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The last few days I licked off a 50mg tab of naltrexone, just a speck of dust, I assume this might be 0.5 or somwhere around there? probably ultra low dose naltrexone, and guess what? the next day I felt a BOOST, like my endorphins raised, I felt something I have not felt in a long time, especially not while on sub, now I just read its dangerous to mix naltrexone with sub? but I merely licked a speck of the naltrexone and already felt the affects.

I do feel somewhat foogy too but I feel decent, it even stopped the sweating, which I get when I wake up, I am on a low dose of sub, even if you call it a low dose (1mg or 1.5mg) but even though I feel decent am still worried that if LDN and opiates/full agoniusts are breaking through it might mean my tolerance to sub has been built up so much that it will take me several months or even years to re-adjust? to go back the point where sub blocks opiates?

If its taken me this long not to feel the highs and affects of sub as I use to a year back, does that mean it will take me equal amount of time to undo all this? which is 2-3 years? which will include going through some depression and emotional stability?

Is it possible you can taper sub with low dose neltrexone usually when I wake up I can feel some tiny mild symptoms such as sweats, body aches, low mood etc but the last 2 days since I have taken LDN or ULDN I did not feel these symptoms and if anything improved my mood,

So is it true that LDN does raise endorphins after all? but I was under the impression that only happens AFTER stopping opiates and sub, so if its happening to me now does that mean my tolerance to sub to the extent of LDN breaking through is a negative sign? in regards to recovery, paws, wds, re-wiring the brain etc.

does this mean LDN can be helpful in tapering off sub? is LDN meant to break though sub anyway?

Is it a bad thing taking LDN with low dose of sub to taper off sub?

I don't plan on taking LDN everyday, just here and there to help me taper off sub, if its keeping my mood alive surely it's a positive thing in regards to tapering off sub at least?

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