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 Post subject: 4-2 what to expect
PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 12:56 am 
One Month or More
One Month or More

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I have been on sub for about a year and a half. Started at 20mg then a few steps down to 8 then a few more to 4 and have been at 4 for about 4 months. my doc is starting to push me down to 2mg and said she'll leave me alone at that dose (she said that at 4 too lol). At this point I really dont see myself completly off sub for a long time as it really pasifies the monkey and allows me to live a normal life without fear of relapse nor do I see an oportunity anytime in the near future when I can afford to go through the process of getting off completly. So if 2 mg is the magic number for now then I'm game. 4mg was a good dose as I was able to dose twice a day and that allowed me to do all I had to do without excessive aches and pains and the whole "passify" thing. I get this feeling though, for some reason, at 2mg/day the analgesic qualities will be reduced and I will be more like normal (whatever that is) and old thoughts may resurface. From those that have spent significant time around the dose I am at and going to. Can you give me some insite on your experience. I have been an addict for 25 years and sub has worked well for me. Its not broke so I dont want to fix it but being on the lowest possible dose and still reaping the benefits seems logical.

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PostPosted: Sun Dec 04, 2011 9:49 am 
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Hi birdcatcher - It sounds like you also take sub for pain and therefore you dose twice a day, is that correct?

It's unfortunate the your doctor is pushing you below 4mg. Right around 4mg is the ceiling effect. That and above is around the area where your receptors should be saturated and KEPT saturated. No ups and downs in your levels and you shouldn't feel your dose. And above that dose you'll never get more of an effect when you take more. When you get under that level, suboxone can "act" more like a full agonist. People can even feel their dose at times.

You may or may not get less analgesic properties when you lower your dose. I've known people to get pain relief at those low doses, but then I need higher doses for any pain relief. We're all different when it comes to that I guess.

Another thing to consider is cravings. Below the ceiling you're really opening yourself up to increased cravings. Be on the lookout for those.

Obviously if your doctor is insisting, then I guess you have to give it a try. BUT - you might want to consider a talk about the possibility of a lesser drop. Cutting your dose in half like that, from 4 to 2, is too big a drop in my opinion. You'll FEEL it, and there's not need to suffer when you can do a smaller drop. That's just my personal opinion though. But again, if your doctor is unwilling to be flexible, then you don't have a lot of options.

If it doesn't work, you can always tell your doctor that you tried and why it didn't work (less pain relief, cravings, withdrawal symptoms, etc).

This isn't necessarily a bad thing though - you'll have the opportunity to learn for yourself what dose works best for you. You'll know you tried to go lower and you may even find that a lower dose like 3 mg is best for you. The ceiling isn't set in stone and we're all different. Your ceiling could be 3 mg.

Good luck and let us know how it works out!

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