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PostPosted: Sat Mar 26, 2011 3:30 pm 
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I just came across this forum today. I was reading many of the threads in this forum and just had to register. If these tips help one person, then it is worth it.

A little background on me: I was addicted to Roxys heavily for about 3 years... using painkillers of some sort for about 10 years total. It started with Vicodin and gradually worked its way up. Last December I started on Suboxone. I am very lucky to have found a "clinic" of sorts where I interact with a counselor every week. The prescribing doctor just basically writes the Rx but the counselor and I speak every week.

Some of the side effects and ways that I found effective to deal with them:

First off, you should be taking the following vitamins everyday. Trust me, it does make a difference:
Fish Oil
B-12 (heavy amounts or better yet, injected... my counselor does the injections)

I take twice the daily dose, once in the morning and once mid afternoon everyday.

You should have the following OTC meds handy everyday as well:

Senicot (spelling?) To help with the constipation
Excedrin Tension Headache pain relievers
Generic Aleve (Naproxen Sodium)

Muscle spasms / nighttime leg movements / a sudden falling feeling right after falling asleep:
I suffered from this immensely when I first started Suboxon. My counselor then told me to take Magnesium. Amazingly it works! It might not completely eliminate it, but it makes it much more managable. Magnesium also has another amazing effect. It helps eliminate the craving for sweets (again, not completely eliminates, but helps bring the cravings down).

Throwing Up:
I noticed that the more I accidentally swalled, the more prone to throwing up I was. So at some point I made it a very mental effort not to swallow one bit of my saliva while the Suboxone absorbs. After I did that, I didnt have any problems with Nausea anymore.

I found a dose of Excedrin Tension Headache to completely knock out any headaches that I got when I first started taking Suboxon. The doctor told me that headaches are very common in the first couple of weeks of use. They eventually went away with no further need for the Excedrin.

Body Aches, especially towards the end on lower doses:
The doctor told me that Naproxen Sodium is safe to take in doses up to 1200mg. Thats 5 of the standard sized dosed Naproxen Sodium. It doesnt quiet work as well as say.... 5 Tylonol would, however it is worth taking and Naproxen Sodium will not damage your liver under 1200mg.

My doctor actually suggested that I take Tylonol PM. She strongly warned against taking more than the suggested dose on the bottle.

Fatigue / tiredness ect:
You might be amazed at what taking a walk in the morning will do for you for the entire day! As your dose of Suboxone goes down, you must increase your workout as well. Start by jogging the last 50 feet of your walk and work up each morning a little. It will also amazingly helps you get off of Suboxone easier. Also, avoid red meats and large meals. Start breaking your meals up into the size of 5 bites at a time. For example I would each a granola bar in the morning, maybe a banana mid morning, something small for lunch... well you get the idea. I found that greasy and spicy food made me crave. In addition large unhealthy meals made me soooooo tired that I would have to go to sleep. Also the vitamins listed above will help with this. Especially the B-12. Go to GNC and get some GNC branded "Energy Formula". I find it helps get me going in the mornings.

On about week 4, I mentioned that I was having problems with energy (before discovering the tips named above) and for the first time in my life had absoletely no sex drive (Im 28). He suggested that I have my testosterone tested. I tested so low that the nurse said she had never seen such a low number before in the 10 years she had been doing this. I firmly believe that the testosterone I took for 10 weeks strongly helped me get off of suboxone. My doctor is now prescribing testosterone for male Suboxone patients to help get off Suboxone.

Now, these are some tips Im providing for some of the most disturbing effects I had while taking Suboxone. I had a handful of other side effects that Im probably forgetting to mention so ask and I will let you know what my doctor told me if it came up for me. Im in no way an expert and all of the tips listed above were approved by my counselor/doctor but you should probably talk with your doctor before taking my advice.

I am now 10 days off Suboxone and except for day 3, had hardly any withdrawals. If you excercise in large amounts, eat right, and take the vitimins I mentioned, it just might make it easier for you as well. I hope this helped someone out there.

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