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Coming back to suboxone....hopefully...
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Author:  FrankMatthews [ Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:21 pm ]
Post subject:  Coming back to suboxone....hopefully...

I am finally coming back to suboxforum and suboxone after a brutal relapse. I'll share what happened and where I'm at now:

Aer a dozen rehabs and relapses I got on suboxone in February of 2017. It worked like MAGIC and I immediately got my life back and turned it around for the better...some family and insurance coverage circumstances caused me to [choose to] relapse in around August I would say (memory is fogged)...I went on a vicious IV cocaine/heroin binge for two months that resulted in two overdoses (both in Kensington, PA from what was most likely fentanyl). I went to a detox where they administered subutex...annnndd it DID NOT WORK for three days (because I was doing fentanyl). After three days of horrendous terrible horrifying precipitated withdrawals (even after waiting 36 hours) I finally felt normal. I left after nine days and overdosed again. I shot this dope that was hard to mix up, it was a sample, but when I shot it I felt it IMMEDIATELY and I could not scream or run I just blacked out. Someone ran my pockets took my $70 and left me for dead. Luckily the ambulance found me and Narcanned me in the ambulance. I woke up (this time HIGH AS HELL and not in precipitated withdrawals from naloxone as usual, I checked my pockets and realized I had been looted! I escaped and went to go murder the thief!

Anyway I ended up going to another detox, this time a methadone/Ativan taper in Atlantic City... I tried getting on methadone TWICE after that but could not fight off the cravings and was kicked out (they gave me a very low dose of 60 mgs and stopped me there..I couldn't help it)

Anyway I went back to the subutex taper detox place in Princeton and the same thing happened...precipitated withdrawals for three days after waiting 36 hours...this last run heroin stopped working. Heroin stopped getting me high no matter how many bags of POTENT stuff I would shoot. So I went strictly to fentanyl laced dope. This is an epidemic in Kensington. Heroin is being phased out and fentanyl is becoming more popular. Fentanyl is also causing suboxone to not well as it should. I left detox yesterday and went to Paterson for rehab but was turned down due to abNormal EKGs (PVCs) I found dope and needles right outside the rehab and got high. I used all last night. I just took 2 mg of subs to help me not be sick (I was really sick today) I am going to go to Camden right now and get high on dope until Monday....or Tuesday..whenever I can schedule a suboxone doctor appointment soonest. Hopefully I'll still have the will to get on subs. When I first got on them I got on them because I would get a nice little opiate buzz from them. But now...I'm lucky if they even stop the sickness...they don't get me high and barely help with cravings...I wanna get on like 24 mg a day and see what happens. My sub doctor told me to just go on methadone this past summer because I was getting cravings on 16 mg and he wouldn't prescribe me more. Whatever I hope it works...I can't do the daily methadone thing that's too much for me

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