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On .75mg Subutex had baby via csection about 4 weeks early
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Author:  1234km [ Mon Sep 26, 2016 12:31 pm ]
Post subject:  On .75mg Subutex had baby via csection about 4 weeks early

So I went into labor last night and they tried but couldn't stop it so I had a c section this morning. Epidural was good, anesthesia give me a few shots of fentanyl because I swear I could almost feel it. Recovery was good, wasn't in too much pain but I was still mostly numb. Now that the numbness has worn off I am feeling it. They have ordered fentanyl and percs every 4 hours which isn't quite doing it but I'm not in agony, but I am in pain.

I'll keep everyone updated, baby is doing just OK. They have taken him to the step down nursery because his breathing is labored, his chest is working hard to breath. They say it's because he was a little early. I'm worried it's the BUPE. Maybe one of the docs could chime in on what they think. I was on .75mg still (well stable, I had been going down to .5 the last two days).

The nurses do know about the bupe. They haven't treated me any different in fact they have said how great it was for me to taper. But as we all know, I'm worried about needless medicating him. They haven't said a word to me about neonatal w/d though.

That's it for now!! Thanks again for all the support!

Author:  jennjenn [ Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:00 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: On .75mg Subutex had baby via csection about 4 weeks ear


So happy at least ur doing ok. I don't think that the buprenorphine is why ur baby's breathing is a bit off though, and I only say this because a lot of babies are born on a lot worse things, so ease ur mind a bit on that. Just focus on getting better. I'm just happy ur baby's here!

Please keep us updated :)

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