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What has or hasn't worked for you? Including Suboxone
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Author:  disenchanted [ Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:52 pm ]
Post subject:  What has or hasn't worked for you? Including Suboxone

As I new member, I would like to extend an olive branch and just ask the very broad question of- What all have you tried in order to conquer your addiction to opiates/opioids/heroin???

This is including, but not by any means limited to:

1) Suboxone
2) Methadone
3)Subutex/Butrans/the Suboxone implant, etc.
4) Naloxone (Narcan) implant/therapy
5) cold turkey
6) rehab
7) NA/NA and AA
8) 12 Step
9) SMART (12-step alternative)
10) Passages Malibu (and other such 12-step alternative rehab facilities)
11) other 12 Step program alternatives
12) Ibogaine/LSD/Ayahuasca/psilocybin/any & all other psychedelic therapies for opioid addiction/PTSD treatment
13) Medicinal Marijuana
14) non-12 Step recovery support groups
15) local addiction recovery support groups/independant NA chapters
16) tapering (from whatever you were using to a lower dose in increments until you're off completely)
17) tapering alternative (from heroin to morphine, down to oxy, then tapered until you're clean, etc. Etc.)
18) Valium or Valium-assisted taper
19) having an NA sponsor (or an independant sobriety sponsor)
20) involuntary commitment (to a facility, jail etc.)
21) familial support
22) controversial/rare treatments, therapies, and means of getting clean or gradually tapered
23) dual-diagnosis therapies, treatments, programs etc.
24) East-West Detox


If you like, you can start by introducing yourself, and from there explaining how long you've been an opioid (heroin/pain pills, etc.) addict, what your d.o.c.(s) was/were (if desired, you can leave that detail out if you want),

And from there, what all you've tried in total, what you had success with, what was a total flop, and what was moderately helpful or successful, but wasn't enough on its own, or didn't work the first time, but eventually was what got you to quit.

You can also add how many times you relapsed, or you can skip that.

Add as much or as little detail as you'd like.

Because this is a Suboxone forum, I believe we've all had some experience with Suboxone, be it interest, success, failure, or partial-success,

And (if you'd like), you can tell me about your experience with Suboxone, and whether you were on it short-term or as a taper, or long-term (6 months-more than a year/lifetime maintenance). Or whether you use/used Suboxone in conjunction with other therapies, i.e. counseling, support meetings, Ibogaine/Ayahuasca tourism, inpatient rehabilitation, etc.

Again, I'm leaving this as an open-ended inquiry, it's up to you to tell your story the way you see it, and how Suboxone or other therapies have played a role in your recovery.

Love and well-wishes, -S

Author:  disenchanted [ Sun Apr 24, 2016 10:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What has or hasn't worked for you? Including Suboxone

Dunno why number 8 was posted as a smiley emote, lol.

Author:  docm2 [ Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:24 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What has or hasn't worked for you? Including Suboxone

Curious - because of your avatar. What did you use and why are you disenchanted? As with any encounter, I came away with a nougat. I didn't know what East - West Detox was, and now I do.

Author:  willowwitch [ Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:19 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What has or hasn't worked for you? Including Suboxone

What is east-west detox? Just wondering lol .

Author:  Amy-Work In Progress [ Mon Apr 25, 2016 11:58 am ]
Post subject:  Re: What has or hasn't worked for you? Including Suboxone

Welcome to the forum, disenchanted!

I am one lucky opiate addict. I will also list why I'm lucky in comparison with other addicts after I tell you what I used.

I sought help after a year and a half of seeing a pain doctor who was prescribing me large amounts of opiate medication. I went to this doctor seeking pills. I knew exactly what I was doing and what lies to tell to get the prescriptions. Before I was seeing this doctor I would use when I would find medication here and there.

I ratted myself out to the pain doctor and he gave me a list of resources. I called a treatment center and the woman on the other end said that I should first find an addictionologist doctor and get on suboxone. I called the doctor on the list of resources and he was full. I asked them if there was another suboxone doctor they could recommend and they put me in touch with the doctor who I've gone to ever since then. I couldn't get in right away, so my pain doctor agreed to give me another script of percocet to tide me over until I could be inducted. My husband doled them out to me. I went through the required period of withdrawal with comfort meds and was inducted on October 17th 2011. Since that time I have tapered from 16mg to 3mg a day with no problems. I'm holding steady at 3mg for the time being.

So, I've used:

addiction counseling with a therapist
SMART Recovery meetings
familial and friend support

Here are the reasons I am very fortunate and was able to ask for help before I was in trouble legally, financially, and relationship-wise:

1-I have very little trauma in my background. I grew up in a supportive, loving home.
2-My addiction did not start until I was in my mid 30s. In other words, I wasn't an addict as a teen when my brain was still developing.
3-I was knowledgable about addiction already.
4-My genetic history only includes a grandfather and a cousin who were/are addicts. (I didn't grow up in a home with addicts and my grandfather was dead by the time I was born.)
5-I have wonderful friends and family who support me without hesitation or strings attached.

This list does not make me "better" than other addicts. It just means that I had strengths that made it easier for me to seek help for my addiction. I am very fortunate.

I am also in graduate school for Addiction Studies, so I know much of the recent studies on brain changes during addiction, evidence-based practices in treatment, and the newest drugs that are being tested to help addicts.

If you have any other questions, please ask!


Author:  jennjenn [ Mon Apr 25, 2016 1:17 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What has or hasn't worked for you? Including Suboxone

Amy my grandfather was a horrible alcoholic and died before I was born too! He actually died in a house fire that I believe was alcohol impaired related. I also wasn't in active addiction til my 30s too lol pretty cool right? No trauma in my childhood or addicted parents.

Disenchanted welcome! I won't go into a huge detailed list because I've been through a lot of crap honestly.

I became addicted in my 30s and was actively using around 6 yrs. During that time I lost custody of my children, my home, my car and everything else. It didn't take long to go from taking pills by mouth to snorting them to shooting them then bk to snorting them til I started suboxone.

I started stealing, writing bad checks, doctor shopping....U name it. I went to jail a total of 5 times but continued using every time after I'd get out. Needless to say I'd had enough and seeked help through many ways before suboxone treatment.

Cold turkey tons of times
Jail 5 times
Inpatient detox 2 times
Inpatient rehab 1 time
NA & Celebrate Recovery
Started suboxone treatment in 2012
Suboxone meetings
Addiction counseling

I've had family support from my mom and dad and my brother throughout my entire addiction thankfully. Plus my fiance for 5 yrs. I now have my children bk, a home and pretty much replaced what I lost :) I cannot express how important suboxone has been for me. It's truly amazing and I wish I'd tried it much sooner, maybe I could've avoided getting to rock bottom. But honestly being at the bottom has made me so grateful each day that I'm not there anymore. It truly keeps me from taking anything for granted anymore. And u know sub isn't responsible for everything because it's a tool in my recovery, but I would absolutely not be here without it.

Author:  raudy1975 [ Mon Apr 25, 2016 1:29 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What has or hasn't worked for you? Including Suboxone

I first tried Methadone. I was given methadone by my dealer. He had run out of pain killers so he gave me methadone. Thank goodness because, I would of never tried it if I wasn't given it . As soon as I took it. I felt great and it lasted a long time. No cravings. I would def go back to this if I needed to. I was only taking it from my dealer. So I never had to go every day to get it. That would be the only hang up for me with methadone is the "daily dosing."

So once my dealer ran out, I made an appointment with a sub. doctor . I then tried the sub strips, subutex, and then Zubsolv. I am now steady on zubsolv and it has been an easy transition for me.
The first time a tapered off of subs, I used benzos. I ended up getting addicted to benzos and I had to go to rehab to get off those safety. So needless to say, I wouldn't use benzos as a tool again.

While in rehab, i was introduced to AA and NA. I liked the rehab setting since it was somewhere where you did not have to work at your job or take care of your kids. you could just concentrate on yourself. i was bored and lonely most of the time but tried to make the best of it.

I hated the AA and NA programs at rehab because I felt it was too preachy and religious. I am agnostic so I didn't think it was a good fit for me. Not to mention I was in a rehab in the bible belt so god help me when I mentioned I was atheist. I though I was going to get crucified..right there at rehab.

So If I ever had to go to rehab again, which i hope I never need to, I would go to a non 12 step place to recover.

With all that being said. i am stable on a maintenance low dose of Zubsolv for a few years now and I am living my life and I "almost" don''t feel like an addict anymore since my cravings are almost at 0% and I am living a good clean life . And...I have no plans to ever get off of Zubsolv. It works that well..

Author:  willowwitch [ Mon Apr 25, 2016 3:10 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: What has or hasn't worked for you? Including Suboxone

Welcome to the forum! I had a post before the small one asking about east - west telling what has worked for me but it didn't show up??? Who knows so I will try again!
I started using at 11yrs old. Wow that's terrible! Anyway...lots of trauma and bad stuff. Too much to go into and not the purpose of the post! So used for many years till I was 30. Alcohol And any and all drugs you could imagine. Then got sober and used AA and NA only for 11 yrs. Unfortunately at 11 yrs I relapsed on pain pills. Started off with a prescription for my RA , fibro and chronic fatigue syndrome. But didn't take long till I was in full active addiction again . This continued for 6 hellish years. I too was snorting any opiate I could get my hands on. Dr's scripts and illegally. My d.o.c.was oxy. It was my everything. When i finally hit my bottom (again) i was doing well over 240 mgs a day of oxy,hydro,morphine or whatever I could get as many days as possible I did whatever I had to to get it. Fooled myself saying ..I pay my bills and take great care of my kids ,which I did but I still was spiraling down fast. I was barely hanging on financially and was tired of the pain of withdrawal. Tired of the daily hustle to get pills. The counting and planning all events around pills. My whole life evolved around pills at the end. I was no longer functioning . Just maintaining. So I heard about suboxone and took the leap in march. That was the first time I had used all my rent for pills with no back up plan. I have kids so I knew it was time . Also the aa/NA that I had over the years was screaming in the back of my head that I was gonna die! I knew it was true. This time I couldn't stop no matter how hard I tried. So I made an appointment at March 16th I started. So here is my list.

My children's support
Subforum/talk zone
I am so grateful for suboxone and this forum. It has helped me more than anything. I am so afraid of relapse again. I know I will die. Suboxone has allowed me to remove that fear and work on my recovery. I have ALOT of work to do. But I have hope now. Even the 11yrs I had before with AA and NA I still didn't have the hope I do now and lived in fear a lot.

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