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constipation. shit
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Author:  johnboy [ Wed Dec 14, 2011 2:55 pm ]
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you other posters '. stop your shit? how i explained ' it really f'n WORKS. its not harmful.

Author:  hopejena [ Sun Apr 01, 2012 5:03 pm ]
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My father was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer and was on many medications that cause serious constipation. During this time he also had a tear in his anal wall so as you can imagine restroom times was terrible for him and he suggested Miralax. It was prescription only up to a year or a two ago. I have been using Miralax as directed since I was prescribed Suboxone and I have had no problems whatsoever.

Author:  addict3d [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 4:03 pm ]
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I think we all have had that big horrible dump where you think your gonna die once a week as suboxone patients. I remember when I first started taking subs, I was walking around noticing my gut sticking out like I was arnold schwarzenegger in that movie Junior because I hadnt crapped in a week. I started taking fiber caplets and stuff like that for old people and it really helps. Take one at midday you should be giving birth at night. Also I found that if you drink the childrens drink PediaSure it really helps a few hours later, and it taste like a milkshake.
The longer you are on subs the better it gets. For that first 8 months it was real bad.

Author:  glen bee [ Mon Apr 02, 2012 11:23 pm ]
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I remember this thread! I was doing mirilax everyday for a whie and senna in an emergency but then i started taking metamucil.

No. problems. ever. anymore.


Haha lol


Author:  poppieroses [ Mon Apr 09, 2012 5:33 pm ]
Post subject:  haha! crap is right...

So I am very glad I found this thread. I experienced the absolute WORST constipation ever, and it wasn't even until maybe 2 months into taking subs that it got BAD.
I was wondering if anyone else had a pretty easy going at first, then all of the sudden had some kind of build up outta nowhere??
Yes this is a very funny but realistic topic.
I was taking 16mgs per day. I actually STOPPED my 8mg at night just to let up on the ...blockage.
I am going to talk to my doc about whether or not I should be taking the continued 16mg, or just stay down at 8mg.
So, anyone else?? I had to finally try an ENEMA!!!
Gross, yes. But it worked!! I actually weighed myself before and after: 4lb difference. Crazy.

Author:  sooverthis [ Wed May 16, 2012 7:39 pm ]
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I hope I can help people out some here, methadone is like liquid colon cement too

1. Drink water

2, For regular mild constipation, or if you have it all the time (which most/all opiate users do) then try MIRALAX. It is expensive (which is total BS) but it works.

3. If you are already constipated; double or triple the amount it says to take AND take a Senna. Also, the more water you drink, the better the miralax will work.

Once your regular, take a "maintenance" of miralax and you will probably be set. Supplement with senna as needed.
If miralax and senna haven't helped you out by the next day then use a glycerin suppository (just imagine its the docs finger not yours or something haha).

4. If you are REALLY constipated, like haven't went for 4 days and especially if you think you may have a nugget stuck that isn't coming out use a SALINE ENEMA. This is your best option, because fingers in the arse is the next step.

*warning* Another option is to eat a ton of fiber, but unless your going to eat a ton of fiber AND drink like a gallon of water(not soda) every day then don't do fiber, it can actually make it worse.

Author:  wncgal [ Wed May 16, 2012 11:18 pm ]
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My mom is on a lot of heavy hittin' pain meds and her hospice dr. prescribes senna-s for her. you can take up to 9 a day but all it usually takes for her is 3 that she takes all together in the a.m. senna is awesome, and the senna-s has an added stool softener. i have another trick that her hospice nurse told us about that works like a charm when all else fails. it sounds heinous but i swear it works..and fast! you take about 6 ounces of prune juice and melt a teaspoon of butter in it in the microwave, just long enough to melt the better. i promise it'll have you "moving" in no time! my mom has really horrible constipation from the morphine and sometimes even the senna and enemas don't work but this "nursing home cocktail" as they call it has never failed her. the taste isn't great but it's not as horrible as i would have imagined.

Author:  pharmakon_logy [ Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:15 am ]
Post subject:  @Ty

Constipation from opioids is caused by the presence of Mu-Opioid Receptors (MOR) in the intestine being activated and is one of the only side-effects from opioids that does not resolve itself with time.

There are many different classes of diuretics available to treat the constipation. First line treatment should be non-pharmacological, such as prune juice. If you cannot stomach the taste of prune juice, try mixing one part prune juice with one part apple juice. Also try powdered fiber and eat foods rich in probiotics such as yogurt.

If this does not work I would recommend a stool-softener such as Colace (docusate sodium).

If this does not work try a more conventional stimulant laxative.

If none of this works, consult your physician, however, for some one on a high dose of Suboxone >16mg, it is not entirely unusual to not have a bowel movement for up to 36-72h. It all depends on the individual and their diet.

Hopefully this was helpful. And remember, always consult your physician when trying new medications even if they are simply over the counter.

Dr. I

Author:  hockeyplayer17 [ Mon Jun 11, 2012 5:46 pm ]
Post subject:  This will sound CRAZY... but...

one time I didn't have a bowel movement for 3 weeks! That's 21 days and I just laid in bed hopeless the entire time! You just have to man up and take the pain if you don't use preventitive measures. I now use stool softeners and Miralax. I actually only take the stool softeners on a regualr basis and they help.

BUT you wanna know the BEST to prevent as well??

WATER and GOOD FOOD. I bought a juicer for 99 bucks from Best Buy and since I started making a carrot/apple juice every morning I can now take much better poops! I also eat A LOT of cereal it goes through your system so well! Trader Joes Vanilla Granola Clusters Cereal saved me when I couldn't take a poop and was afraid to eat for weeks.

FIBER and WATER are essential. Go buy a 24 pack of bottled waters and set them out to take just like you do your medicine! If you can drink at least 2 of those waters a day, AT LEAST ONE, you'll significantly help your digestive system. I've also found that eating less is worse for this problem.

I had most of these issues while still on the Hydro/Oxy(codone) but I did experience the Chronic Constipation on Suboxone/Subutex. Do your self a favor and go buy some stool softeners! Also a lot of HOT warm baths help before you take your poop! :)

Author:  ITguru [ Mon Jul 23, 2012 12:13 pm ]
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[quote="Virtualoklahoman"]Oh my god, I think this is the most prominent side effect of Subs. It's ridiculous at times. The painful movements I've had gave me a new respect for my mother :D

Seriously, I often have been forced to "break things" up before I tried to flush, it's embarrassing to discuss, but I often would find the "friends I dropped off at the pool" unable to fit down the pipes when flushed.

Diet and other assistance helps.[/quote]

Ha ha I too have had this issue and warn friends before hand and they think its just to much TP, its like no dude i'll take a picture just give me a damn plunger to take with would you! But one friend goes no shit i have the same problem and my mother gave me a "poo knife" as a kid that i was forced to use and cut it up. So you are def. not alone out there, maybe time to invest in a poo knife =)

Author:  Taurus [ Tue Jul 24, 2012 11:13 am ]
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This is by far, my biggest complaint about being on sub. But I finally found what helps me after months and months of taking all kinds of different meds. My doctor told me to take Colace every day, but it wasn't helping. So I tried Mirilax, Dulcolax, sennosides, prunes, prune juice, etc, taking 2 different meds every day (one in the morning and a different one at night), alternating meds day to day, hoping one of them would help, but nothing did. I found that milk of magnesia always makes me go the same day, but it still hurts. So....

I started taking Swiss Kriss herbal laxative, which I found out about here on this forum. I was taking one a day all along, and everything stayed the same. But once I started taking 2/day, I started going every couple days and it doesn't hurt at all. So I just wasn't taking enough. I quit taking everything else and only take the Swiss Kriss twice per day, and I am so glad I finally found what works because not being able to go to the bathroom without severe pain was really getting to me. Not only does it make it softer, but it makes me go more than once a week!

Author:  Night [ Tue Aug 14, 2012 1:54 pm ]
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take to fill mark of phillips milk of magnesia 1 glass water and you will blow out your colon......clean as day!!!

Author:  Night [ Tue Aug 14, 2012 1:56 pm ]
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oh yea do it at nite time

Author:  edensbotanicals1 [ Sat Sep 29, 2012 4:48 pm ]
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I just tried Swiss Kriss this week and it actually works! Thank you guys so much this forum is the ish! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Author:  keithjagger [ Tue Oct 16, 2012 1:43 am ]
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I think we can all agree that bupe backs up the pipes. Everyone is pretty much spot on that posted. You don't want an addiction to laxatives or enemas, trust me on that. Pound the fluids and find a fiber product that works for you. I take fiber tabs because Metamucil made me feel like I was going to shit my pants in front of people (and in general, no bueno) and others made me feel like my anus was going to explode all day. The fiber tabs are mild and try to incorporate liberal servings of fruits and veggies to get that train moving down the tracks.

Author:  hockeyplayer17 [ Mon Jan 14, 2013 1:43 am ]




If you can't handle drinking at least 4-5 cups of water a day, drink Gatorade, drink Vitamin water. DO NOT fill up on Soda. The amount of liquid you need Soda won't do it and you'll get fat, quick!!

I usually would take 2 stool softeners like every other day and it helped... but let me tell you... the week I DONT DRINK WATER OR GATORADE....I cannot take a dump! It's like cement clogged up there!

(read my post above to know how bad I was) I once didn't have a bowel movement for 3 weeks!!! Granted I didn't eat for the last 2 weeks, but your doomedif you do, doomed if you don't.

THe ANSWER IS WATER AND LOTS OF IT.. PLEASE TAKE THIS ADVICE SERIOUS... from someone who's been there and actually gone to the hospital a few times because I swore to God I wouldnt be able to get it out :(

Author:  siq [ Mon Jan 21, 2013 12:44 pm ]
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one word, EXERCISE. its a win win situation, you get fit and you're able to sh!t.
one tblespoon of milk of magnesia before bed along with it also does the trick.

Author:  god_from_the_snake [ Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:09 pm ]
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Yes water is very important.. Fiber when on Hydrocodone etc made it worse like Really bad. I do't Know why it is even recommended. Actually I think opiates that are not swallowed such as Suboxone, and other forms of Buprenorphine such as Butrans are less constipating due to they are not absorbed into the intestinal tract. The same can be said for Fentynal patches..

Author:  god_from_the_snake [ Mon Jan 21, 2013 5:15 pm ]
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I am not condoning the use of duragesic patches.I am saying I think we will see a lot of new methods of taking pain meds for opiate niave people. anyway water and mobility helps a lot.

Author:  sherylb1122 [ Mon Jul 22, 2013 9:59 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: constipation. shit

Ty wrote:
ive been on the subs for a month now, and they saved my life too but I havent had a bowel movement in 4 days and i think i fuked myself into a tolerance to laxitives. any ideas?

I would try Miralax...I've been on suboxone for 2 years and have had alot of bowel problems. Recently I started Miralax (1 capful twice a day.) and it's working great. I have a bowel movement daily now and all is better. Good luck

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