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PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2010 2:36 am 
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So, as many of you know, I like to bring up this book: The Trigger Point Therapy Workbook as an invaluable source of information on self-treating chronic pain. I have brought it up in many threads before, and I just brought it up in another thread tonight.

I really want as many people to know about this book as possible, so I'm going to quote myself here:

I had terrible pain in my feet for a while, the doctors couldn't figure it out. It was awful, and always worse in the morning. If I had to get out of bed and walk right away in the morning it was hell, like someone was stabbing me right in the arches of my foot. I rubbed them, I soaked them, I used ice packs, nothing worked.

It turned out to be a result of chronic tension in the backs of my calf muscles. I started finding the sore points by rubbing my calf muscle along my opposite knee. When I found the sore spots (they didn't hurt until I pressed on them) I would then work the knot out. It was a painful process, but within a couple of weeks the foot pain was gone and it has never come back.

A lot of "unexplainable" pain comes from tension in another part of the body. Migraines, tension headaches, many kinds of chronic pain. I used to have horrible pain in my feet, legs (doctors said it was sciatica), lower and upper back, a pain that started in my back and shot down my arm, neck, etc., and I have found the corresponding points that refer the pain for most of them. I resolved about 90% of the pain that my doctors had diagnosed as fibromyalgia using the trigger points too.

I know I have brought this up elsewhere on the forum, and I kind of hesitate to keep bringing it up because I don't want to be annoying people. On the other hand, I have had no less than ten friends express undying gratitude to me for turning them on to this book: Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. I am not exaggerating when I say that buying this book was the best 20 bucks I ever spent.

My mother in law was having horrible pain in her knees, doctor said it was arthritis. She could barely climb the stairs and walking was really painful. The docs had her on prescription NSAIDs and opiates. I showed her the trigger points, she was walking without pain after the first treatment (and it's all self-treatment, you don't have to pay someone to do it for you.)

My husband shattered his ankle a few years ago and has chronic pain from the injury. Based on his pain patterns, I worked on some points in his lower leg. After about 20 minutes of working on some very painful areas, the increase in his range of motion was shocking. In fact, knowing how to do this kept him walking all day when we went to Disneyland last fall.

I helped my boss fix a problem she's had with her hip since the birth of her 2nd daughter, 8 years ago. I cut my migraines down from like 6-8 a month to 1-2. I showed my sister where to work on her forearms and her "carpal tunnel" pain disappeared. She thought she was going to need surgery.

Honest to god, I am in no way affiliated with this book and I don't get anything for recommending it, other than the good feeling of knowing I've helped someone. A massage therapist recommended it to me. Trigger point therapy is an accepted, evidence-based practice, so it's not like a bunch of new-agey woo or anything. It's just that physical therapists or doctors usually do trigger point therapy by injecting lidocaine into the trigger points or by manual stretching of the affected muscle. The difference with this book is that the guy who wrote it figured out a way to relax the trigger points using accupressure techniques instead of a shot. And he made sure that you could do the treatments without further injuring yourself.

There are so many instances of chronic and even acute pain where doctors really don't understand the source, so they can't fix it. They look in the area that hurts and it looks like nothing is wrong and so they tell you it's all in your head or its fibromyalgia or a pinched nerve or whatever. This book explains how the source of the pain can be a nearby spot of chronic tension in a muscle. You don't even feel the tense spot - until you press on it and then it hurts like bloody hell. Pressing on those sore, tense, spots interrupts the pain signal and eventually you can get the trigger point deactivated. And when it goes, so does the pain.

Again, I apologize if it seems that I harp on this subject. It's just that I waited like a year to get this book after my massage therapist told me about it and even then I only got it because I was so deperate. When I realized how well it worked, I was kicking myself.

Please, please, I'm begging y'all! If you have chronic pain, if you get headaches, if your doctor says you're developing arthritis, if your back hurts, your neck is stiff, your feet are sore, you have TMJ, carpel tunnel, whatever... GET THIS BOOK. It is easy to read, clearly illustrated, and it works.

Trigger point therapy is such a good tool to have in your belt as a recovering opiate addict. If you're skeptical, go to Amazon and read the customer reviews of this book. It has 3759 reviews and is at 4.5/5 stars. Check it out of the library and see how it works. It is so worth it.

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

-Jack Kornfield

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