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PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 10:29 am 
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I have been on suboxone (1strip daily) for almost 4 years now straight without a single issue... I recently lost my insurance and had to go on Medicaid, and the suboxone doctor I had been seeing the entire time wouldnt accept the Medicaid. Luckily I was able to find ONE doctor within an hour mile radius that would accept it, and be able see me pretty quickly. Prior to my first
appointment with new doctor I had done everything that
was required to have my four years worth of records sent to this new doctor... So here is my situation... I
also prescribed Prozac, Abilify, and Adderrall by my
regular family doctor, and have been for probably the
past 7 years. The three medications have been a huge
help for my depression, and ADHD. However, for some reason
the adderrall causes me to test positive for Methamphetamines ( instead of Amphetamines) probably a good 25% of the time. I don't know why that
is ( although in my opinion I think that there is a certain manufacturer of the generic adderrall that causes this methanphetamine false positive result to happen)! So anyway, with my first doctor it wasn't a big deal,
apparently they were able to do that confirmation
(gc/ms or whatever it's called) and test and confirm that
is was due to my adderrall EVERY SINGLE time it
happened. I honestly never thought much about it, until now (I am pretty naive and unknowledgable when it comes to drug, drug testing, dealing with doctors, etc...) My just to mention, my problem was strictly with
hydrocodone and percocet and nothing else EVER in
my lifetime! Well so anyway I go to the new Suboxone
doctor (took all my prescription bottles with me to my
appointments and he was totally fine with the adderrall
script) and I was basically very very impressed and pleased with him and his office... Up until about 4 or 5 days before my third appointment came and
I get a letter in the mail from his office to let me know
that I tested positive for Methanphetamine
and was terminated from his practice. It was Friday
evening when I received his letter, and my appointment
was the following Tuesday afternoon. I was really
surprised to get the letter, but I knew the exact reason
It had happened ( the adderrall) and felt like it was a
misunderstanding that could easily be solved. I called and left a long voicemail right away about the situation even though I knew they would be closed all weekend, and then the next day I still couldn't really get it out of my mind, so I decided to go ahead and sit down and
write a letter to the doctor and just tell him again how
important my sobriety is to me, and after my four years of success on suboxone I would never do anything to
jeopardize that etc... Basically I felt really humiliated and
couldn't stand the thought of being perceived as a liar,
or like I had a whole other secret drug issue going on! I
dont know if I should have written the letter to him or not
but I did. I just felt like I wanted to explain the the reason for the test result right away and everything get everything figured out...
So anyway Monday finally rolls around and by two p.m. I had already left a third voicemail at his office and still
hadn't heard a word back. Tuesday morning comes ( my
appointment had been scheduled for that afternoon) and
I finally get ahold of somebody ( I think she was the
practice mgr or office manager, definitely someone I had
never even spoken to before though) and she basically
tells me that they do there own drug testing results in house ( which she would never confirm being
a gc/ms that could give absolute confirmation test results) and that they stand behind there testing, and she didnt feel it was necessary to look into the matter
any further because I was "obviously a recreational
meth user", oh and that the doctor wanted her to let me
know that it was "nothing personal"... She wouldnt let
me say over two words! I was furious! Why after four
years of being a model patient ( other than the other
occasional drug test results that had been positive for
THE EXACT SAME ISSUE, which were wrong and
were ALWAYS able to be confirmed as a false positive
due to my adderrall script) would I do so something now to mess up and it be anything different ( like really do meth instead
this one time), and why would I ask and offer to pay or do whatever I needed to for confirmation testing if I had done something to screw up!?! I did however learn for the first time during my lovely conversation with this woman that my old doctor had failed to ever send all of my medical records to him as requested ( do you think it would have made any differance if they had?)
First thing the following morning I went right back to the
old dr office and filled out the request to transfer my
records ONCE AGAIN ( which they actually did finally
do), and then I tried calling the new doctor again to let
them know that they should be receiving my records any
minute and that should really explain everything I felt like ( I thought they had already had these records ever since day one) and that I was already out of my
suboxone due to not being able to come to my appt the
previous day and because I take it as directed, and
I realized that they would be closing at 2 on Thursday and not back until the following Monday and that I was terrified! I begged that the please recognize the mistake and let me continue being seen as a patient, and not make me to continue being off the suboxone when I had not done anything wrong. I also asked that if for some reason they still opted not to allow me back, could I atleast get a script to last like a week so that I could have the chance to find another doctor ( which is very difficult)! I mean afterall, this entire situation was only brought to my attention a couple days before I ran out of my previous prescription, and I had been using all of my free time since then trying to prove the false positive result to him! What I am wondering is if you think he wil even end up acknowledging it's a mistake, and let me come back or whatever. I don't know anybody that has dealt with an addictions program before, so I don't have anyone to ask or anything to go by. I did what was necessary to prove my innocence ( and before that I had even told her on the phone that I would pay out of pocket for a confirmation test to be done because I knew it was totally caused by my adderrall script and I was told no because they had confidence in there initial preliminary test). Nobody ever even bothered calling me back on Thursday, so now I am forced to continue going without the suboxone, and will have to continue to be off of it until atleast next week ( or longer if they continue being unreasonable I imagine). Does anyone have any hope or advice to offer me? I am not ready to discontinue treatment, and I don't feel like I should have to when I did not even do anything to break the contract, and I feel like I done everything that would prove that! I am feeling miserable and depressed and feel like you can't win for anything. This is my first experience dealing with being accused of doing something that I really, truthfully, for sure, 100% am not guilty of doing... and it sure sucks :(
thanks for reading!

PostPosted: Sat May 03, 2014 4:24 pm 
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6 Months or More
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If possible, I would recommend requesting that your old physician or a nurse at their behest who treated you for four years and was aware that you tested frequently and falsely for methamphetamine due to an amphetamine prescription contact your new provider directly advocate for you as this is an emergency situation. Call that office (#1) and make that request; sending records involves too many other people, too much potential for problem, and is too time consuming. I think this needs to be a physician to physician call or at least physician to nurse call, hopefully with your old physician really going to bat for you in this case.

Perhaps in contacting your office #1 you can make the request that a prescription be called in via Dr #1 as this is really an emergency and unfortunate situation.

I think you were right to write the letter and leave a message or two to advocate for yourself but it sounds like it is time to let someone else advocate for you at this point. The letter is likely not going to make it to the physician himself and he likely sets the ludicrous rules of the practice that you are immediately discharged if there is a positive urine drug screen (which they 100% stand behind?!?!?! Quite a bold and misinformed statement, indeed.)

If none of that works, since you have a clearly documented history of this exact scenario, as well as a diagnosis of an opioid use disorder that has only been in remission with the benefit of buprenorphine, get an attorney or contact an advocate who works in the area of buprenorphine or even methadone (some states have a State Opioid Advocate or Authority employed by the department of health or human services) as your current prescriber has played Russian Roulette with your life and put you in a position where more people than not would relapse back to active opioid addiction and we all know the potential negative's there especially with a simple discharge with zero back up planning. Perhaps even a letter from an attorneys office or a call from an advocate would suffice. Again, this takes time and you need buprenorphine sooner than later.

Ultimately, I don't like the sound of the couple issues you've had at this practice and would try to find another, more preferable, situation but I also understand that the immediate issue is getting you back on buprenorphine ASAP.

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