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PostPosted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 10:50 pm 
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I just finnish reading about the war on docs and pain mag. I myself have been a viticim of this war. Last yr. I was seeing a doc. who wrote 240 roxys and 240 meth. I was seeing him for a yr. He got shut down by the dea. I was without a doc. I finnaly found another doc. who is pain mang. He took one look at my pharm prit owt and had a shit fit. This is way too much meds. I can give you one or the other. I can only give you 75 for 2 weeks. or 600$ and 150. There was no way in hell I could go from 240 to 150 and not run out. Well I ran out ever time I seen him. A couple of mo. ago he gave me a piss test. ?Guess what? I had no Roxys in my system. He put me on subox. Which now I am glade. But that's not what my point was. The war on the pain clinic and their docs are damming. For most people who search out these clinics they are in chronic pain and need these places. Yet the gov. is making it harder and harder for them to do their job. Afarid of being put in prison and loosing their livelyhood. Man does anyone here believe that if Obama has his gov in control of healthcare it will not effect us negativly. All one has to do is look how the gov/dea contol our lives by putting pressure on our docs and pain clinics. They just pass a law in Louisiana that allowes the parmacies to fill or not to fill percriptions on their moral beliefs. If a pharmasist is agains opiates they do not have to fill it. what kind of crap is that. I tell you it will get alot worse if this healthcare reform passes. God help us all.


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PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 7:48 pm 
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I just wanted to say hello and put in my two cents on the topic.I stress that not all pain management clinics/doctors are bad,yet there are many out to make money (just like some Suboxone clinics).Some clinics perform illegal prescription activities knowingly, some have employees doing illegal transactions right under the nose of the doctors. There is allot of mixed feelings about these clinics, and personally I feel many of them over-medicate their patients and/or do not monitor their patients well enough.
In your situation alone, you were getting 480 pain pills a month, and that is allot.I do not know where your pain came from, but that is quite a heavy pain medication load.Some people could overdose on that much pain medication and that is one of the reasons the DEA is coming down harder on pain clinics. How much Suboxone are you taking per day, if you don't mind me asking?
I know pain clinics are necessary, but our society has become far too obsessed with quick fixes.Many people choose to stay on pain meds instead of treating the problem because they become dependent on the opiate medication.It is fact, it happens and many people fear coming off the medication. The numbers of people hooked on prescription drugs is staggering.
As far as the bill in Louisiana, it is awful. Just so everyone knows that bill is in regards to birth control and abortion pills, not opiates, but who knows... Many of us already have been victims of prejudice because of our medication needs. Anyway, here is the link about the bill passage:

Health Care Bill in Louisiana

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