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PostPosted: Fri Dec 04, 2009 12:14 am 
HI, my name is James,
I've been posting on this site for few weeks, and I suppose now I'm finally comfortable enough to bring up a topic that is pretty important to me that I can tell has been skirted in a lot of posts so far (and possibly addressed more thoroughly in the past and I just missed it :D ). I have what is called a dual diagnosis, which is when you are diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder (in this case opioid dependence) and a mental health disorder (in this case Borderline Personality Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder). I suspect some if not many others that use this forum also have co-occurring mental disorders that affected their opioid use.

The big wrench-in-the-works with a mental health problem is that it will make you shy away from the traditional things like meetings and sponsor-type relationships that are kind of the bedrock of nonmedical drug treatment. In my case I always have had a really hard time with interpersonal relationships and just managing my feelings. It wasn't until I was a young adult that I found out that I needed medicine to regulate my moods. Unfortunately, for about 2 years in high school I had been "medicating" my feelings with alcohol and misdirected prescription drugs.

At first when I went on Suboxone I felt I could go off of my mood stabilizers and antidepressants because the Suboxone would take their place. My little (incorrect) theory was that my brain had become unbalanced because it wanted the opiates after I started playing around with drugs as a teen. Dead wrong. A few weeks after stopping my other meds I crashed and burned, although the Suboxone did work fabulously for my addiction. So I went back on my psych med cocktail (Cymbalta, Wellbutrin, Seroquel, and Topamax) and now I'm back to being happy as a clam most of the time. This is not meant to be judgemental to those who want to taper off of Subs at all, but I've noticed that many people who take psych meds and Suboxone for chronic, life-threatening medical conditions try to quit taking them when they are not ready and end up in a very bad situation. Just something to think about, believe me I know because I've done it too.

However, I have noticed a few things. First, if you are going to take one or more other meds that are extensively metabolized by the liver, as almost all mental health meds and narcotics are, make sure you get the doctor to do liver function tests regularly. I've had some bizarre stuff happen where I've added another medicine or raised a dose of something else and all of a sudden it's like I'm overdosing on Suboxone!!! My eyes will literally be pinpoints, I can't piss, I feel a little buzzed, I mean it's like all of a sudden my body can't process all the drugs so the Suboxone gets backed up and I start overdosing on it. It freaks me out when this happens because I can just envision myself dropping dead of liver failure. If anyone has had this happen let me know, please.

I'm not going to lie, having an addiction is a pain, but right now having a mental health deal is worse. I'm always up or down, or anticipating future happiness or getting this or that but never really enjoying and being content with THIS MOMENT. Does anybody know what I mean? But I am managing life one day at a time, that is one phrase from AA/NA that is true to my life.....I'll tell you what, I'm a pretty weak person when it comes to will power and emotional strength, so the Suboxone is a miracle and I really do not have a problem with and do plan on taking it indefinitely, maybe for the rest of my life. I certainly intend to take my psych meds forever. So that's where I stand.
I say, I respect what you want to do regarding your recovery, please respect my plans. If you plan to taper, more power to you. If I want to stay on Subs forever, please respect that. Some of us just are not strong.
Thank you. And if anyone is having mental problems and feeling alone, please respond.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 08, 2009 5:41 pm 
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I'm definatley mentally screwed up....but i've never been diagnosed and I am currently looking for a new sub/psyc doc combo to help me out.

My original sub doc dropped me a month ago, (he said he's not participating in the program anymore and gave me a bunch of Bullshit reasons) promised to recomend me somewhere and never did....PRICK!

Anyway curently looking for my combo doc.

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 15, 2009 4:03 pm 
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My doc gave me Wellbutrin for major clinical depression and subs for my addiction. I think you should hold on to the psych meds. The pills were my self medication now that I no longer have them the wellbutrin is in place,

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