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How should I taper Suboxone? How long should I be on Suboxone? Should I taper fast or slow? Can I dissolve Suboxone?
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Taking Less Sub., Feeling good

Tue Mar 04, 2014 11:41 pm


Thought I would share what I have done the last 3 weeks because it seems to be working real well.
First about 3 weeks ago I started taking tyrosine 2-500mg twice a day, once in the a.m. (700am), once around 200pm. At night I am taking tryptophan 2-500mg. These are all natural amino acids. The tyrosine is good for energy, mood, helps with stress. The tryptophan helps with being calm and promotes better sleep. Well I began noticing a difference within a weeks time. I also started working out more, at least every other day. Well here is the great part, I have been able to reduce from 1.5mg sub. to 1mg without any real issues. Thats a third off my normal dose!!! I have been taking .5mg in the am and .5mg in the afternoon now for 11 days with very little discomfort. Got real tired a couple of times but not bad.

I am really impressed on how good I can feel with a combination of exercise, nutrition, and natural supplements. I just recently was complaining about how I feel, started to kind of blame suboxone. I knew that was not true, got off my ass and started really focusing on exercise. I am not sure what I am going to do, I do not think its time for me to totally keep tapering and stopping but I wanted to share this experience. I mean when I was working out I felt naturally high, and better yet, that feeling came to me when I was working today. I just felt real good!! Any thoughts out there?? Any experiences?

Re: Taking Less Sub., Feeling good

Wed Mar 05, 2014 12:52 am

No doubt that most of us with histories of opioid dependence tend to focus too much on how we 'feel'. I note with patients that there is always the point where a person CAN exercise, but WON'T.... but thinks he/she CAN'T.

Good job, on pushing yourself. I would expect you to have bad days to match the good days-- but finding the motivation to get moving is a huge part of the battle!

Re: Taking Less Sub., Feeling good

Wed Mar 05, 2014 9:59 am

Oh my gosh, it's so true what the doc said! Us opiate addicts are always all about how we "feel".

To the OP, that's great that exercise is helping. Exercise is what dramatically affected my withdrawal process and pulled me out of what I thought was PAWS rearing it's ugly head (see...gotta put a label on how we feel). About 10 days after I got off subs I started feeling very depressed - and debilitatingly fatigued. I started walking first, then started working out at the gym. It literally lifted a fog off my life. I'd feel great for hours after I exercised. Getting those natural endorphins going!!

Is your intention to get off suboxone entirely? Or are you just trying to take as low of a dose as possible?

Re: Taking Less Sub., Feeling good

Wed Mar 05, 2014 11:42 am

Thanks for the responses,

I think that for now I am just wanting to be at the lowest effective dose for myself. I really am listening and taking to heart the things I am reading from experienced people. Suboxdoc has said that people who come off suboxone too soon have a high chance of relapse. I firmly believe that. My feeling is that I put a good plan in place, meaning, addiction counseling, NA, AA, meetings, exercise, eat right, vitamins/supplements. I feel my mind and body need to have the proper foundation in place before I truly can talk about stopping completely. With that said, I feel there is no reason that I cant reduce my daily use as long as I am stable. At least when I do taper and stop it will be hopefully a little easier because I will be at a lower amount. Real simple analogy, you know "keep it simple stupid".

Anybody out there who is struggling with energy/ mood/ depression, please no matter how hard it may feel to motivate yourself try to get some exercise in. This combo. of exercise/ vitamins/ eating good with my meetings and counseling is really helping me and I think it can help any of us. Go for it !!

Re: Taking Less Sub., Feeling good

Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:30 pm

Hey there, good to hear that your tapering is working so well! I agree, diet and exercise are extremely critical. I was on about 0.4mg per day for almost a year before I jumped from that dose. And I was like you, I was really just interested in finding the lowest effective dose, because strangely, I found out the less sub I took, the better I felt. However, the opportunity came for me to radically change my life, so I made the decision to finally jump off.

I was exercising frequently and getting into shape too before I got off. I think that really made a huge difference when I was detoxing, I only felt really lousy between days 3-6. I'm around the 2 week mark now; sleep is pretty hard to come by, but other than that I am feeling pretty good. Staying as active as possible is even more important if you decide to jump off.

And you are absolutely right, the more time you can put between your active using and when you want to come off sub, the better your chances will be. I was on sub for about 3 years, and I didn't touch a single illicit opioid during that time. So now, if I do get a craving, the active using has been so long gone, that my brain doesn't really entertain the idea at all.

-Best of luck, and keep us updated. - GP
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