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PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2012 2:27 pm 
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Let's start with the end results in mind.
-ACHIEVE & MAINTAIN CONSISTENT AND HEALTHY ENERGY LEVELS (consistently feel energetic, productive, active etc)
-HEAL MY BRAINS REWARD CENTER (feel motivated, set & achieve goals etc)
-ACHIEVE & MAINTAIN OVERALL MOOD IMPROVEMENT (just feel better, overall sense of well-being, less mood swings)
-INCREASE OR MAINTAIN TESTOSTERONE LEVELS (counteract the damage of past use and minimize this current side effect)
-HEAL MY BODY (digestive system, injuries/issues I didn't attend to cause I doped my way to not feeling them etc)

My purpose with this post is to start a discussion on how supplements and other meds can help us counter some of the side effects from the subs and just overall create better quality of life now and down the road.
I will put up my daily supplement and med regimen for everyone to review, discuss and critique as soon as I can. (in a hurry rushing this post out now..)
Now I understand these are not instant fixes and then there is not any one thing that will create these results. They will come from a combination of healthy diet and exercise or some kind of movement / activity ( going back to the gym for the first time in years would help greatly). Also counseling and many other things play a role, but I know what we put into our bodies obviously play a role.. we all know that.. look at the misery created from us just putting a few little tic-tac sized pills in our mouths daily caused so many of us. I want to replace those pills with healthy and safe alternatives that will give my body and brain what it needs to help me on my path.

From here on is just a rant, my daily supplement regimen to follow later today -
Alright so when I was using full agonist opiates I loved nothing more then downing a handful of norco or snorting a line of oxy to try to get that perfect burst of euphoric energy and motivation to conquer whatever task was at hand. For example before house cleaning or maybe to keep my mood up to work through a tough job at work with co-workers I didn't like... whatever. I think alot of you know what I mean..

OK so obviously I know those bursts were only temporary and once I got up to using the 80mg oxycontin it was so hard to find that perfect feeling anymore that not only were they temporary they were just extremely rare.. I'd be more likely to just end up drooling on my pillow or asleep in front of the tv..

Moving on... Now I'm 1 month and 3 days into suboxone treatment and I'm feeling what alot of people seem to feel at times in terms of the fatigue, sedation and kinda overall lethargic lack of motivation no energy feeling that we talk about here in the side effects section. So since I can no longer reach for the quick fix of 5-6 chewed up Norcos to get me feeling the way I wanna feel before I tackle cleaning the house, finishing my taxes and dealing with my impending bankruptcy...

I am now trying to use a combination of supplements, vitamins, minerals, herbs and antidepressant medication to achieve the goals are started the post with. I'd like to feel that euphoric energetic feeling without needing a blast of full agonist opiates.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2012 3:02 pm 
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Great subject WTZ,

We all want to feel better whether we are on Suboxone therapy or not. What I found worked for the fatigue I'd get everyday about an hour after dosing was Vitamin B-12. It seemed like a shot of energy and would level me out from the mind fog.

Whatever vitamin regimen you use might help others so post away and see if someone benefits.

Glad you found something that works for ya.

Don't take yourself so damn seriously

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 18, 2012 4:07 pm 
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This may seem like alot of different pills to take to some people or normal to others. I have them organized ahead of time so it's not that bad so far. I've read that you really don't feel the full effects for anywhere from 2-6 weeks but so far things are seeming a little better. I'll note that I started off with the supplements one at a time to make sure nothing bothered me.

Please review in case there are some potential issues I may have overlooked.


Prebiotic/Probiotic Blend > 3 billion cells (taken on an empty stomach @ 9:00 am)
Magnesium Chloride 500mg (taken on an empty stomach @ 9:00 am)
Wellbutrin XL 300mg (taken on an empty stomach @ 9:00 am)
Krill Oil 2g, Flaxseed Oil 2g (with breakfast 10:30 am)
B-Complex (with breakfast 10:30 am)
PS (Phosphatidylserine): 100mg (with breakfast 10:30 am)
CoQ-10 75mg, Ubiquinol 100mg (with breakfast 10:30 am)
Suboxone 4-8mg sublingual (around an hour after breakfast / 11:30am)
Methyl Arimatest as directed 2 capsules followed by sublingual tablet *Test Booster* (taken 1-2 hrs after lunch around noon)
Caffeine 100-200mg via pill or a redbull - as needed, one aim of stack is to not "need it"


Vitamin D 5,000 IU with 200mg Resveratrol (with dinner 8:00 pm)
CoQ-10 75mg, Ubiquinol 100mg (with dinner 8:00 pm)
PS (Phosphatidylserine): 100mg (with dinner 8:00 pm)
Krill Oil 2g, Flaxseed Oil 2g, Evening Primrose Oil 2g (with dinner 8:00 pm)
Caffeine 100-200mg via pill or a redbull - as needed
Suboxone 2-6mg sublingual (1 hour before or after dinner between 7:00 - 10:00 pm)
Methyl Arimatest as directed 2 capsules followed by sublingual tablet 1-2 hours after dinner around 10:00 pm
Magnesium Chloride 500mg (an hour before bed around midnight)
Somnapure 1-2 tablets OR 5-HTP 100mg, DLPA 500mg, L-Tyrosine 300mg, L-Theanine 200mg, Melatonin 3mg (an hour before bed around midnight - most nights i take the somnapure, but around 7 nights a month i take the latter)

That's what I'm taking. I'm 10 days in on the wellbutrin, 30 days in on sub. 3rd day on this exact regimen.

Thoughts / Questions / Critiques / Tweaks? All feedback is welcome

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 19, 2012 1:05 am 
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I've experimented a lot with supplements for mood. So far none has really had any huge impact that compares with the anti-depressants. But some have had an impact, enough to continue. The ones of note have been:

- Fish Oil (large doses - I have 6 grams per day). I noticed that when I resumed taking fish oil after a long break, I started having vivid dreams. Dreams i would actually remember throughout the day. My ex thought it was bizarre how much I could remember my dreams - I can still remember them clearly to this day. While this effect faded after a few days, it does show that it has some impact. I felt when I resumed fish oil that my thoughts were more fluid - that my train of thought wasn't interrupted and scattered like it can be.

- 5-htp - this stuff is really quite psychoactive. It'd make me quite drowsy an hour after taking it, but the whole next day I'd have this slight anti-depressant effect. It definitely did something with serotonin as colours had that mild-vibrancy I'd associate with SSRI's / MDMA (or LSD, though nowhere near to its extent!)

- SAM-e - this gave me a mild, but noticeable mood lift. However I always felt it added a touch of anxiety to my life as well.

- St John's Wort - this is actually quite effective, though it did eventually poop-out in its effect (like all anti-depressants). Apparently it's the most prescribed anti-depressant in Germany.

- Inositol - A good liver cleanser and mood stabiliser (don't get IP6 though).

- Garlic - really good for the immune system. Any time I've had a cough, a coupla garlic pills would bring relief.

- B-complex - A lil energy boost.

However, I always found the anti-depressant effects from supplements would eventually wane, or they weren't strong enough to contain my worse depressions. But for those with mild depression / dysthymia / anhedonia, it'd probably be enough.

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