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PostPosted: Mon Jun 18, 2012 2:49 pm 
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The whole Iboga/Ibogaine phenomena has been talked about and debated for many years and I myself had long considered it. Well I'm here to tell you that Ibogaine has a lot of promise. Short version, many years of opiate abuse, on suboxone, off suboxone back on street opiates, rehab, relapse, back on suboxone, the constant struggle i think most of us experience.

After about a year of research I finally saved up and decided to do Ibogaine. I saved up $6,000, then requested a full two week vacation from my job. I was able to do this simply because I had accrued enough vacation time. The table was set. I was already starting to feel relief prior to my trip, no pun intended. I purchased a two week supply of morphine sulfate 60 mg, 3 per day for 14 days. That costs me an additional $300. The two weeks leading up to my flight to San Diego was wierd. I abrubtly stopped taking Sub and started 3 of the morphine pills per day. I didn't feel that good for those two weeks. I had wierd sleep issues (to be expected), but not total insomnia. I just struggled to get 4-6 hours of sleep per night. During the day I felt pretty normal and was able to work and function.

So then I took my very last morphine pill and the following morning hopped on a plane. I arrived in San Diego and was driven into Mexico to a clinic where I was treated with great respect and made very comfortable. By the time I even got off the plane I was feeling terrible, pretty well into full WD, but after getting to the clinic it was really bad. I opted to wait until morning to start because I wanted to make sure I was in full blown acute withdrawal before treatment. Didnt sleep that night. (note: i also had an EKG and liver panel at home and sent the results off to the clinic. important to note that apparently not everyone is a viable candidate for iboga)

Test dose first thing in morning. Wow, already felt better. 2nd dose. Woah!! I don't even remember exactly but I must have taken several doses of this powerful drug. My whole body was electrified and I can't even describe the way it felt and the visions I had. I don't remember many details. But I will tell you that it was not pleasant at all, and I know at times I thought I was going to die. I remember telling the nurse that I wasn't going to live through it. Of course I did. The effects of the drug lasted all that day, and it was only the next morning I felt it had wore off. I laid in bed all the next day feeling just terrible. I didn't think it had done anything to help me. That was a long day. That night I slept maybe only 2 hours so I thought to myself that this is withdrawal. This crap didn't work! I was kind of mad. Everyone kept telling me to wait a couple more days. Well the next morning I woke up feeling like a million bucks. Ate a full meal, and was in total amazement that after only 3-4 days I could feel this good. Had a massage, swam, rode a bike, it was surreal. I could tell I was still feeling the residual effects of Ibogaine. I went home 4 days later, confident, and feeling like a new man.

Well today is exactly one month later. I didnt want to post anything until I knew I was doing well post treatment. I'm told the noribogaine stays in the body for 2-3 months, so I'm prepared to do what i need to do to stay clean. I don't know what will happen, but I do know this, I cant remember ever feeling this good, clear minded, sober. And it is because of the Iboga. I hope I never have to do it again, but it was so well worth it. Imagine spending 30,000 on a 30 day rehab. What a waste. Been there done that.

So I want anyone on Sub who truly wants OFF to know that Iboga is a viable option. And it's CHEAP!!! $6000ish! Rapid detox is $10,000. Traditional rehab is $10-50K!!! I would advise anyone who wants off sub to at least do their own research and look into this. There is no cure for addiction, but there are ways to stop using, and this is one, for sure.

Hope this helps someone!

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PostPosted: Fri Jun 29, 2012 7:19 am 
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We've discussed Ibogaine before, so I do thank you for coming and sharing your own personal experience with us. I do believe the true test comes with waiting more than one month post treatment though. Maybe you can come back every month to update us...that would be great!

I did want to address something else that you said. You said, "Short version, many years of opiate abuse, on suboxone, off suboxone back on street opiates, rehab, relapse, back on suboxone, the constant struggle i think most of us experience." (emphasis mine) I have to disagree that "most of us" experience this. In the last three and a half years I've stayed on suboxone and have not relapsed and have not gone on and off suboxone. There are many of us like me on this forum. The "constant struggle" you speak of does apply to many people and Ibogaine tx might be the best route for you and for some, but just be sure not to assume that your experience applies to everyone.

I'm very serious about you coming back each month to continue to update us on your progress. Please take care and I hope you continue to do well.

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