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PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 8:31 am 
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Ive been on suboxone for about two years straight with no stopping...before this tried stopping my full agonist use using other methods and always seemed to end up back in detox now I am good, no cravings, no arrests, none of the other stuff that goes along with being a heroin addict in the nyc area. Anyway, I am wondering whether the suboxone is helping to sort of get my brain back on track with the proper neuro=chemicals and firing the way it should be. I used heroin for so long (at least 10 years) that I am sure I did major damage to my brain chemistry.

Is there any research that I can look at that will help me in learning how the suboxone may be acting on my brain chemistry in the long run. Also, there seems to be a lot of pple scared about detoxing off the suboxone...when we were using heroin and other full agonist type drugs detox was a daunting and scary prospect. Is it truly a drawn out thing on the suboxone? Could it be anything like the hell I went thru while having a two-three bundle a day heroin habbit? I seem to think that it shouldnt be a problem and wont be anything like kicking heroin or for that matter meth. Kicking methadone seemed to be hard for me way back...sleeping was a major problem or rather the lack of.

Anyway, I have one last possible question for anyone out there...Does anyone KNOW of any NY based doctors that accept Medicaid? I am seeing a doctor who charges $100 a visit and every month I need to see this guy...not working now and looking for a new job and the money is hard now and I cant help but think of my dr. as the new Drug Dealer I have to pay. My pills (THANK GOD) are covered by the medicaid I have but the actual visit to get the script is not....I noticed one post that mentioned something about PATIENT ASSISTANCE and a Doctor what is this??? is this some sort of help thru the Reckit company to offset patient expenses? If so, do all doctors get this? How do I get my doctor onto this? I been seeing my doctor for a long least since the drug became legal in the states. I feel he should at least give me the chance to get myself working instead of threatening to cut me off. I started using Buprenorphine when it was not even approved for this purpose way back when I had to inject it into my legs...was pretty tuff back then for an IV user cause once I held the needle in my hand I wanted to do bad things if u know what I mean. Anyway, I dont see anything wrong with taking suboxone and I too hate the fact that I have to take it but I know that when I dont my brain being the way it is will only lead me back to relapse...Yeah, I could attend meetings all day long and struggle and fight and cry when I fail and end up back in detox or I can take the little orange pill and work towards resetting my brain chemistry so that my propensity to relapse is not as high or so I imagine...which is back to my first question. Anyone with any anwsers kick me a response please I would appreciate anything anyone has to say.

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 04, 2009 10:57 pm 
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The patient assistance program thru Reckitt is for low-income people with no insurance, so if you're on medicaid you don't qualify. has a doctor-patient matching service at their website. They helped my friend find a doctor who does sliding-scale and they helped me find a doctor who takes medicaid (in WA).

If medicaid covers your suboxone, it seems like they would also cover your doctor visits. You could call them to find out. You can also get a list of Sub doctors in your area and call them to see if they accept medicaid. In my area medicaid does cover outpaitent addiction treatment, which is what Sub falls under, so it's probably worth a shot.

If medicaid does cover your visits, you should ask if they will reimburse you for the doctor visits you've paid for so far. They might not, but it's worth asking.

I don't think Suboxone corrects your brain chemistry.

I've been on for 18 months and am in the process of coming off it now. I'm taking .5mg a day, it's not too bad yet. Most successful tapering stories I've heard are the ones where people take their time, fix their life, get a strong recovery, and taper off slowly.

However, if the Sub is keeping you from using, that's a good thing, right?

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

-Jack Kornfield

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