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Will You Taper Or Jump once getting to 1 x 2Mg Pill
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 10:28 am 
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Hey Guys,

Okay I am starting now which I wish I started recording this information down when I first started the taper. I am now @ 1Mg of Suboxone.


24 Years old started Oxycontin and Percocet use @ 16 years old. @ 20 years I decided countless days of sickness and searching was over. I have done methadone treatment programs multiple times, and always at 6 months I thought it would be a bright idea to come clean off of it, never worked. I always ended up back on using opiates and 10x worst as the time before. I finally tried a new program called Suboxone treatment program. I started at 16Mg and held there for over 2 years.

I am now in the process of coming off of Suboxone by August 15/2013, I Dropped myself from taking two 8Mg tabs to a quarter less, now at first drops are a joke. I dropped a quarter of a pill once every 3-4weeks which I might of felt a tense back once the entire time dropping from 16Mg to 8. Once I hit 8Mg I knew it might start picking up a bit but it didnt I felt normal from then 8Mg down until I hit about 4Mg. This is when it starts to get interesting :).

I have dropped 2Mg every 2 weeks at this point now I am down to 2 2Mg pills which I am now having a constant ache in my body a moderate flue runny nose BUT still sleeping which is very important. About 2 weeks ago I did a 50% drop from 4Mg to 2Mg this was a very intense drop and very difficult to work effectively, slow moving sweating aching feeling pretty much like my body is going to fold into a million pieces of ache lol. That lasted about a week and then started to get a bit better but can say it was about 3 weeks to a month before I started to level off and get back to normal. I felt normal for about a week like everything was getting back on track. At this point I will let you know my circumstance and why from this point on its going to suck. Because I decided at the beginning to taper solo dropping quarter of a pill to half to full 8Mg gone that would mean I would have doses left over from the script provided, I was on full carries and my Doctor decided to think I was taking the extra and surplussing them. First off he checked my pharmacy and seen that forever I have never misused or took more than I was supposed to so all the extra pills I did not take or fill I left in the pharmacy, but I guess just for the heck of it my carries were taken away with no rhyme or reason P.S doctor = god complex. So currently being down to 2Mg now it would be nice to have a quarter of a 2Mg for when I am really sick so I can level myself well that is not a option so as of today 6/26/2013 I am now cutting 2Mg pill in half and being given a half of a pill and saving the second half until the following day. It would help so much if I had a quarter of a 2Mg or something there when I need it but I guess thats not in my books. I am going to try this 50% drop with all my might but I might end up on the phone with the doctors finding out why I am being punished for something that wasnt even the case. Anyway back to the fact I just took a half of a 2Mg for the first time and I am nervous about the drop so I wanted to message in here and put my thoughts to words. I dont know if I am ready to drop 50% again as I just did and it was hell but here it goes. Still in pain after taking my prescription and so it begins. I will update from this point on regarding the drop from 2Mg to 1Mg and we will see what comes of it. I will keep you updated. I have clonidine I have no taken yet and I have Imovane I have not filled yet, I am also having prostatitus or atleast something going on down there they cant figure out so I am on Doxycycline which is making me very achy and burning just from having light in the room pretty much just an all around shit show, I will try to distinquish the differences between what my health issues are and withdraw. Tapping out now, will be back later with the sweat results. Stay strong ppl I know I am going to try.

In my state doctor is controlling how im dropping and I have no say. I am thinkking of switching the doctor for my taper and slow it down a bit. I would have to switch as my doctor is stopping prescribing Suboxone as of Aug 15. Does anyone have any recommendations. Would you ask for a quarter more once the full wd effects kick in or just ride it out. I am getting nervous about how low I am going and what it will be like.. Should I just drop from 2Mg to nothing or will I notice a difference. Also Dr stated that once I got to 1Mg it would be a homeopathy dose and he would give back my carries. I guess once again he has lied

o7 <-------- this is me upset I have worst dr on face of planet. Anyway any ideas thoughts concerns please post I will be checking in periodically throughout this drop and updating on my symptoms. Take care guys and be strong I know I am not going to be on this forever NO WAYY

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PostPosted: Wed Jun 26, 2013 3:18 pm 
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Your poll can't really be answered because it asks, yes or no on an either or question. If I answered "yes" it still wouldn't be clear if I was saying yes to tapering or not tapering. :)

The answer to your question from me is, yes, I do plan on tapering lower than 2mg/day.


Done is better than perfect!

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