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PostPosted: Tue Jan 29, 2013 12:57 pm 
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Suboxone taper uploaded to google drive

Hope this helps people. I really spent some time fixing the original one, and making absolutely sure that this chart accurately reflects the correct way suboxone builds up depending. It has helped me a lot, and I imagine it will help others with their tapers as well.

Best of luck to everyone!

A bit of background on myself:

Was an opiate addict for 3-4 years, after getting my start when my wisdom teeth got yanked. Fell in love. Fast forward 3 years later, having gone through morphine, dillies, heroin, etc, and I'm abusing multiple opanas a day. A little more than a year ago, I got into a program after I left detox around last Thanksgiving (one prior to this). I have been faithfully working this program, attending groups, re-enrolled in school, gym the whole nine yards.

I am now down to .625mg/day, and will be off of the stuff in a matter of weeks at this point, not months. I am excited, and more importantly: ready. That I think is the biggest thing.

What this thread is about though, is a neat little suboxone taper chart. I myself was not the original creator of this chart. I cannot remember where I first found it, perhaps here or another forum. However, it had several issues and if you yourself have been using the unmodified version of this chart, you have been unknowingly using a chart with some issues. The biggest issue that I rectified was that the chart was not cumulative. This means that it was in fact giving you a wrong level of buprenorphine in your blood based solely on the prior days dose, not on a correct cumulative total which would output the new daily total of your blood levels.

SO I took that chart, fixed it up, and here you go. You can extend it for as long as you want and as many days as you've been on suboxone, and see EXACTLY how much is maintained in your level each day. You can extend the significant figures and get a more precise amount in your blood stream, how much each drop will affect this level per day, and all that good stuff. In essence, you can use this chart to try and make your taper as smooth as possible.

Obviously we all know you've gotta pay the piper at some point, and there is no way around that. This does though make it (seemingly) a bit easier. If nothing else, that mental aspect of "having a plan" and doing everything within your power to ease the transitions might do more than the actual calculations do. That just mental aspect seems to help me a lot.

The one thing with this chart that I have not completed:


We all should know the sublingual BOA of suboxone is around 30-50% depending on conditions; the average is said to be 40%. SO, you must enter that percentage of your daily dose into the chart, NOT the amount you take per day. This means that if you take 8mg, you must multiply that by 0.4 and enter THAT number into the chart. This will give you the correct amount of suboxone in your blood and how much you really get per day with that "dose".

I am willing to answer whatever questions anyone may have regarding this chart, although its pretty self explanatory. On libreoffice/openoffice, the graphic adjusts automatically. I am not sure about microsoft excel.

Best of luck to everyone in their battles.

PostPosted: Fri Feb 01, 2013 6:19 pm 
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Hi there, I am responding to your chart. Currently I have the 8 mg strips, I was on two 8 mg strips daily until about a month ago and I started tapering myself. I have successfully gotten down to .75 to 1 mg per day. I take my .50 in the morning and the past 3 days have planned on only taking .25 in the pm. but I am already cold sweats, runny nose, feeling edgy and moody. (PMS probably doesnt help either) so instead of the .25 in the afternoon I have been taking .5 to get me through. I am discouraged because coming down to this, from 16 mg per day was a breeze! (go figure) and now I am stuck at 1 mg. it seems. I tried using your chart, however I am NOT an exel person (even though I use it on occasion I am not very good). I dont know where to put my figures, etc.
I guess I am curious how to do that, and if anyone else has ever tapered down quick with no problems, then got stuck here? My boyfriend knew I had a problem with pills, but was so angry I didn't tell him about the subs, IM on wellbutrin and he never asks about that, so I just never mentioned it. Then he found them. We didn't speak for 5 days, other than about our daughter. He doesn't understand the fact that I am on meds, PROBABLY (and he has good reason) because I also drink. I have always drank on my meds, and I KNOW that doesnt help at all, but I always have. I have been considering AA at this point because I need support and he just thinks I need to flush the subs and "suck it up". I used 10/325 norco for eh on and off for two years appx. Then in the summer I got bad, up to 10-15 per day I could easily take. I am obviously an addict, I dont need anyone to tell me that, but I guess I need to tell MYSELF that. WEll anyway the point is I was curious how to use the chart and how to cut these down small enough to taper more, and what to do about feeling crappy at .75 does that mean I am not ready yet? I shoudl stay at 1 for a while, then try?
I TRULY appreciate any support/thoughts/advice you may have. I want to feel normal, not numb, but I work full time with a 4 year old and there's no 'down time' for me to lay low for a few days. I even thought about going back to Norcos and taking them then going through that w/d because from what I have been reading THAT seems like its easier? I don't know but I am feeling really lost.
thanks for listening.

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