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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 1:41 am 
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I dont think Ive ever said anything bad about my doctor since about 2 months after my induction.
to be honest, he was a big asshole when I first started going, thats my opinion anyways. But after I got to know him, and he got to know me, he did "cut me slack"
and wasnt so much a prying jerk.

WELL. I live at the beach. the pacific ocean. where its cold though.
I found out my doctor, surfs every morning before work, as he lives in one of the nicest areas you can live here. And is steps away from his beloved 'surf'
aparently he was out surfing and broke his leg last week.

Holy shit, I know.
Well, when the lady from the desk or whatever calls, confirming my appt, she says my appt is with "doctor R" (lets say) when I say, no thats not right , it should be with _____
she says, oh, he's had an emergency, this is the doctor filling in. Im like okay well its for my suboxone refill, so am I going to this doctor for that instead of my reg doctor?
she says yes.
so Im like okay, no problem.

I get to the office, and WAIT.
for what seems like FOREVER. and one of my reg doctor's assistants, sees me, she explains about the broken leg. I ask if dr. R is doing sub scripts and ya know?????
she has no idea, but he IS the only other sub doc in a 75 mile radius,( his office being about 20 mi, from where he's filling in today)
finally, I get called back.
THIS dumbass, and I mean dumb-ass
comes out, and tells me all about how you gotta have a special licesense to write sub.
I had NO idea.............
THEN, he goes on to tell me HOW
SUBOXONE WORKS. Im not even joking.
Im like, well, um since IM on my LUNCH break, can I get my refill and go back to work please?
well, I cannot write you aperscription for suboxone. You gotta calll the refill number.
MY doctor's office, tells you to do this THREE DAYS before you'll run out, if this is how you get your refills. which usually, I see my doc every other month, and he just writes me two Rx's dated accordingly.
its friday, almost afternoon, and IM out. and thats gonna take forever dude. (in my head IM like WHY are YOU here????)

THANKFULLY, I went to HS with one of the med aids, and she gave me a number to call, and told me word for word (i mean that) of what to say, and to have them "red flag" my refill request.
Doc, R, gave me the 'clinic appointment phone number'
thank GOD, she told me what to do, cuz I was losing it.
I called that number,
and went back to work. I hadnt been there 15 mins, and my BUDDY called back from the doctor's office and said
"amber, I just called rite aid and left your refill mesg on the voicemail, so if they say they dont have anything, tell them to check line two"

She was happy to help, knowing myhistory and all.

NOBODY at the office knows "for sure how long the doctors out for"
becuase apparently last friday he hadnt been to the orthapediac specialist yet.

Oh well, life happens I guess.
alll I know is, I'll be calling about 4 days before I run outta my meds. Just in case.............

I think as suboxone patients we REALLY are fucked when things like this happen. Ive always thought I was one of the 'lucky ones'
I really havent ever taken it for granted that my doctor's pretty cool. That I get along with him, he has a sliding scale, and doesnt mind 'going the extra mile' for you (or at least pretends good)

I just dont see what the point is, of this subxone doctor being in there, if he cant write you a perscription?????????
and they said my doctor is "at home" so if you have a question for him, etc, he is 'reachable'
aparently, cuz his name was on my refil from rite aid.

Oh, geez.
I hope he 'gets well soon'

and oh ya, it must suck to be a doctor, with a broken leg

anyone can give up,
its the easiest thing in the world to do, but to
hold it together, when everyone would understand if you fell apart

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 24, 2012 10:41 am 
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amber this is how it go's for us patients who suffer from surgery and end up on suboxone. don't get hurt or sick you will get f't
they want us to have more control being sick inst't of the other way around :x

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