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There is a wide range of doses of Suboxone prescribed by physicians. What dose do you take? Do you have questions about your dose? How important is it go get the right dose?
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staerted suboxone 2 wks ago, when will doctor decrease

Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:36 pm

or want to start decreasing dose? I am not doing a rapid taper. I am taking 24 mg, and am just curious when my doc might say it's timer to lower it. I feel better than i have in 7 yrs, and this last 2 weeks has literally been the best i could have hoped for. I am not high at all, i actually can't tell when i take a dose anymore and that's great. It is helping my chronic pain way better than my opiate of choice was and i have no cravings, wd, or negative side effects from the suboxone. It's almost too good to be true. I am cooking dinner every nite, took my boy fishing, to the park, even took care of another inportant health issue that i had been putting off because i truly didn't care if it killed me. I applied for a job today. I am so happy. I only wish i had done this sooner. I am scared though that maybe it is too good to be true. Like he will want me to reduce next week when i go. As long as i get the same results i don't mind going down at all, but i'd like to have things together for a minute before i go trying to do that. Please no comments from the people that are against maintenence and only suggest rapid detox, as i feel that is not the right choice for me. I spent 9 yrs getting to where i ended up here, and it may take a year to get my ducks in a row, maybe longer. All i know is i'm going day to day, and today was an amazing day.......any info much appreciated thanks

Re: staerted suboxone 2 wks ago, when will doctor decrease

Tue Mar 25, 2014 1:16 am

Hey Newbie!!!! Congrats on your new life !!
Your just getting started an in a good place now..
First off this forum isnt about telling people tbere choise is all wroug. The choises are yours, and support is here..so...

Just ask your dr what he/she is planing for you. I feel the best drs will leave it up to you on just how loug you stay on the med..Some drs do not..Ask. Its your life an recovery.
I love it wben people come on here and share how wonderful they are feeling an doing. I started 38 months ago and doing great still today..Ill say this, 24mgs is a sizable dose..i started at 16mgs and droped to 8mgs overnite and felt fine. Better really. But that was after 9 months..less side effects for me too.nothing major..
And costs are kept down too..

Just be honest with dr, and ask ..put aside your fearsand keep enjoying life now as it is!!!!! My 2 cents

Re: staerted suboxone 2 wks ago, when will doctor decrease

Tue Mar 25, 2014 8:32 am

Thanks- RAZOR yes 24 is high....see becuz of ins my doctor gave me the zubsolv. He said suboxone would work better but thats what i ended up with. well, i love it, and it works great but the tablets are very tiny and crumble so you cant really split them like i would assume you can the strips, according to what i read. I am switching to the suboxone and im going to split the 16 mg over 3 doses, because for me, the pain relief is better that way. I should be fine doing that. It was just more that i needed 3 doses, not 17 mg = to 16 sub , zubsolv, just nearly impossible to m split. does that make any sense?? I totally get the mind thing, but i do have pretty severe chronic pain, and it helps great, just wears off about 5 to 6 hrs. I am sure ill be finr tho splitting the 16mg sub up. My doc said it works better, as many opinions on here concur, so im going into the switch thinking that. That alone should help lol.....i was just worried that he would say i can only have 16mg....my plan is to get 24mg, JUST IN CASE, i cant make 16 work, due to ins reasons and lack of ability to pay cash for them. Then i can save a few for when ins wants to play games. I do not want to be on 24 mg, trust me. Its just what keeps me comfortable on the zubsolv, but im willing to bet that as long as i have 3 doses it wouldnt matter what the mg dose. I bet i could do 3 of the 4 mg strips. all i had available was the 5.7 zubsolv, and without being able to divide them , i ended up taking 3 a day. Time will tell. T hanks for the reply......yes, life is grand. I just am still so amazed at how well i feel. It felt so strange to get out yesterday and run all day without counting pills and dosing all day and also, being able to make future appointments or plans, without first having to think ahead how many pills i would have, or id be out, cuz god knows when i was out, which was monthly, i did NOTHING but lay in bed and wish i would die.....LIFE IS GREAT TODAY..........
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Re: staerted suboxone 2 wks ago, when will doctor decrease

Tue Mar 25, 2014 12:37 pm

Hi Newbie, Razor is spot on. I just started a few weeks ago myself, and the worst fear is the bottom dropping out of the best few weeks I've had for a loooong time...something happening that takes this away. My doc canceling, getting a false positive on a pee test and losing my script, my car breaking down on the way to the doc lol. It's only bc I could tell from the moment I started that this is the life changing thing I needed to get me out of the world of crap I put myself in, and wallowed in for years.

As for dosing and time, I can only share what my provider(s) have shared with me. I'm started and am still on 2x8mg/day. So long as it's right for me (I'm pretty certain I could do less), they have said that I could continue on this for a year or more. As for tapering, he suggested that after a year, and if I was ready, it would be a very slow 1-2mg taper per month. The key he expressed, and I agree, was to break my additive behavior patterns. I'm of the mindset as an addict is that it took me a long time to get as bad as I am, and it will take as long if not longer to change them. Hearing that plan and flexibility really gave me comfort. Personally, I'm in no hurry to change anything about this huge, wonderful, amazing change in my life.

This site is an amazing resource for any questions I've had, the ability to talk to people who understand, and to just be able to honestly share where I am with it.

On that note, and tying back to the fear of something happening, there was a pretty amazing post I believe in this section that offered the best explanation of dosing, ceiling, and half life of this drug. That post really helped me understand that there really are 2 components for me in the dosing...one is the amount that keeps me from going into acute wd's, the rest is for me psychologically as I make this transition from using many times a day (ritual included), to actually believing that ill be okay with dosing 1x per day and knowing it's gonna have the same effect, probably at a lower dose.

Please note that isn't advice, or even anything I'm personally concerned with changing now or anytime soon. Just something that between my docs reassurance that my dose is fine as is, and beginning to understand how this drug functions, that offered me a new understanding and more comfort.

But as someone who is new to this too I really just wanted to say....isn't this amazing?!?

Good luck!

Re: staerted suboxone 2 wks ago, when will doctor decrease

Tue Mar 25, 2014 3:47 pm

Karou72 Yes it really is amazing and congrats to you also........................i would love to take the one a day dose, problem is that although it will hold me as far as wd go, the anelgesic (pain ) effect only lasts around 6 hours, and i have severe pain. So im not sure how to get around that. I was getting my norco originally for chronic pain from the same doctor for 7 years, he just woulkd not put me on something long acting, so as alot of people do, after my max allowed a day norco was not working anymore, i took more anyways....i dealt with that for about the last 4 yrs. The first 3 yrs i never took more than needed, but here i am because i was in a bad way, running out every 2 weeks, or month. My quality of life was zip......so i dunno.....i wish i was not also a chronic pain sufferer, bcuz the once a day doing would be so nice, as i WISH i did not have to take 2o minutes outta my day 3 times a day to take it lol.....its a tad inconvenient, and makes me feel as tho im still doing something wrong. cuz i hafta tell my little boy i cant talk for 20 min so i can take it,ya know???well that is my understanding about it any how. my doc said i would need more than a daily dose to try to control the pain.....i am still having pretty good pain, but its worth the mental hell i am no longer going thru counting the pills, figuring out when ill run out ect, and the toll it took on my family while i was in wd more than i wasnt it seemed. sooooo thats my story, thanks alot for your response and i hope you do well, .........................ps, i hope to just split the 16 mg sub into 3 doses....that should be fine. I dont think i really maybe needed the equiv of 8 mg 3X a day, rather 3 doses for better pain control, and the zubsolv is hard to split oy bcuz they r so tiny and they crumble......ttyl