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 Post subject: Im soooo fraustrated!
PostPosted: Mon Mar 04, 2013 7:55 pm 
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This is about the only place I can think of to 'blow some steam off' where someone out there may understand what is going on with me.

I have been on either suboxone or subutex for nearly 3 years total now. The first doctor I went to, way over prescribed, didnt care if I ever got off of subxone ect.. Just collected his money each month until I moved across the country.

I moved to oklahoma, and now I feel like the doctors care so much.. .they make me jump through more hoops than I can financially afford.

My insurance stopped covering name brand Suboxone at the begining of last year. I ended up getting the generic Subutex for a few months, then my doctor decided she could no longer prescribe me the generic that my insurance covered, so she gave me 3 months to find another doctor. I found a new doctor last October, however, soon after I left this first doctor in Oklahoma, I found out 6 month before I left, the clinic she worked at more than doubled the monthly fee. When I first started there it was $95 a month, it then went to $215 + $100 each drug screen. They kept collecting my $25 co-pay each month, but never said anything about the price going up. I find out right after find another doctor that my balance was $2500 (collections notice) and my insurance denied paying for anything (after paying for it for 6 months).

I found a new doctor, that seemed to care. She requires that I have month counseling, a cost that I found out this week I will be eating most of. I am fine with that, because it really seems to be helping. However, today I receive a bill in the mail today (from my first appointment with this new doc) that says I owe $500 for the drug screen. Its from some labortory, it says I was referred by my current doctor. I wont be able to pay this bill. Not sure how you can get a bill for a service you never even asked for in the first place, or agreed to.

This is nuts! Im going to have to find yet another doctor. Its almost like every doctor out there either cares nothing about my recovery, or cares so much that it prices me out of being able to actually afford it! I spend a large amount of money each money already for this. I also found out this month that my insurance will only cover 30 tabs a month from here on out. Its almost like I need to find a doctor that doesnt give a sh** about my recovery, and just take care of it myself. My therapist today tells me I need to reach out for help more often instead of going it alone all the time, having a doctor that cares is too expensive.

I feel like the suboxone doesnt help like it use to either, its a motivator to quit suboxone, but at the same time its really feeling like a waste of time and money.

Just fraustrated and ready to give up.... or move back to Florida where doctors only care about collecting your money, then send you on your way.

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