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 Post subject: No suboxone 14 months
PostPosted: Sun May 17, 2015 9:29 pm 
6 Months or More
6 Months or More
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March 27 I went cold turkey from benzos (Xanax 2mg, klonopin 1mg) and suboxone 4 mg

Everyone uses drugs to feel that lift of burden, that drugs give for like twenty minutes. That's the key, everyone that uses simply uses to feel at peace.

I grew up in around 8 different houses before high school and developed social anxiety and PTSd. The world that I seen was dark and full of mean judgemental people , and I was filled with anxiety and pain from the past.

March 26th I seen a car accident, ran the the car and I seen a guy and he was dead. Then I seen a psycho therapist that night, because was drugged out and confused about what I seen.

He talked me into a deep meditation, and in that instant my mind made the mind body connection, where I began to notice my thoughts, without judging them or reacting to them. He induced me into meditation by having me breath in for 4 seconds through me nose and exhale for 4 seconds out of my mouth . All I focused on was my breathing and my mind just stopped, and something clicked in me where I just started to see everything for the first time.

If your on suboxone, or klonopin, or anything and you've never meditated then your limiting yourself from being normal without pills. Il

After my first meditation, I lost my social phobia, during acute withdrawal. I can't explain it but at some point after two weeks Of twenty minute meditations and mindfulness I overcame my social anxiety. I've also overcame my negative self image, and negative thoughts/images. This happened during the first two weeks. Every day since I've come off pills has been amazing.

meeitation is just becoming aware of your thoughts. When your off of everything, you get this constant feedback of intuitions that originate in your gut, travel north via the vagus nerve and your brain relates those intuitions to thoughts instantly. This occurs all day and all night if your not aware it's happening

How can someone know that they're thinking wrong?? I went ten years on pills never knowing that my problem was that I was literally following my thoughts, and creating fake story lines that I began to almost exude in my daily routines. Focusing on what happened, instead of being in the moment.

Fear is Temporary, Regret is Forever

PostPosted: Mon May 18, 2015 7:03 am 
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Long Time Member

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Congrats on 14 months off of all drugs. I had a similar parents moved just about every year.

Mindfulness & meditation are great tools. I am glad they have helped you so much!

I have to mention that going cold turkey off benzo's can be very dangerous. There are many serious risks stopping benzo's cold turkey.

Glad you posted. Keep up the good work & enjoy life!

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