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PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2016 3:53 am 
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Thank you, your post and personal insight is very much appreciated. Experiences such as yours are exactly what I was hoping to extract with this thread. It's funny, 6 months into buprenorphine withdrawal I told myself if I wasn't feeling better within another year I would go back on the medication. After that year came and went, I decided to continue to stick it out. I felt like I had fought so hard to get free of the medication, the withdrawals so painful, for my family as well, that I didn't want it all to be for naught. Now I'm in a completely different situation, where heroin is again in my not so distant past, and that changes everything. But at six weeks sober, and with a program, I believe I can fight my way back to where I's just, is that where I want to So I can continue to experiment with various other medications and exercise regularly (as I have been very good about all along), or I can take the leap back to buprenorphine.


I greatly appreciate your links and direction on where I might find information relevant to my inquiry. There's good stuff to be found there. I've been lurking around this and many other forums for a while now, reading everything I come across. Finally, recently, I decided to post my issue, and find out what kind of responses my specific situation would draw. I tried to provide enough information to solicit various opinions and experiences without alienating anyone with strong beliefs either way regarding buprenorphine. There are those who strongly believe the medication has had an adverse effect on their lives, and I'd like to hear from them. I want to hear from both sides of the aisle.

That said, I am grateful for the doctor's post, because although I found it precipitously judgmental, it has helped to focus and better illustrate my position.

I should also add that the idea of a long slow taper has also recently been suggested to me by two prescribing physicians as a better means of stopping buprenorphine. Back when I jumped off at 2mg, that was considered a very low dose, and the prevailing thought at the time (2007/2008) was that the withdrawals shouldn't be too wretched. It would appear we now know better. I've also been told opiate receptors are very heterogeneous, with some simply having a worse go of it than others. I am emboldened by what I have read here and the thought of a long taper making it somewhat more manageable.

All of these posts have helped, whether by providing relevant personal experience, or providing a mirror by which I might take a better look at my situation. I'll continue to update this thread with my thoughts and decisions. Thanks!

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