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PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 8:47 pm 
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DISCLAIMER: I tend to ramble so to skip my mindless babble please scroll to the bottom. If you do decide to take the plunge, I apologize in advance.

I need help/advice. I have (hopefully HAD) a bad Norco habit. I was taking between 6-8/day and it was literally ruining my life. I've tried to quit many, many times, but to no avail. During my last attempt, I discovered Buprenorphine Hydrochloride through a friend. It was a miracle at first, but a nightmare when it came time to get off it, hence, me going back on Norco because I was next-to-suicidal miserable.

Now, I know that getting Subs from anyone other than a licensed doctor warrants me being punished for the misuse of a very powerful drug - but to be blunt, I feel like most doctors don't know what they're doing regarding dosage and treatment plans; i.e. they're prescribing far TOO HIGH and far TOO LONG a dosage for first-time users. Someone like myself doesn't need an 8mg induction when a crumb (1mg) of an 8mg tablet relieves all my withdrawal symptoms. On with my dilemma.

I decided this time to "tiptoe" along the Suboxone path (I hear it's far better than straight Bupe because of the Naloxone, taking my roughly 1mg (give or take a few micrograms) dosage once daily. I've been doing so since I stopped my Hydro use altogether, which is about a week, possibly 8 days now; with zero withdrawal symptoms. The goal here was to get past the worst part of the Hydro wd's, since that's what always halts my recovery process, which in turn fires up the addict in me and jumps back into Norco head-first.

So here I am. I need to stop taking the Subs. I know it sounds easy but as I'm sure everyone here knows, it isn't. My question is: since I've been taking it for such a short time, should I expect to feel any withdrawal symptoms? I have SO MUCH work on my plate and I can't afford to fall behind. My job depends entirely on my creativity and I really want to stay as close to well as I can, which makes me an absolute idiot for getting myself into this situation in the first place.

I'm really struggling here and any help would be so very appreciated. Thanks so much.

Signing off my first post ever,


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PostPosted: Wed Sep 05, 2012 9:49 pm 
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Hello friend,

I am 3 weeks off of short-term Sub use. The first 3-5 days can be a little rough in terms of the psychological aspect and some sneezing/shitting/fatigue. Then, a few days feel good, then a day or two in a row feel bad. It comes and goes.

These last 7-10 days have been pretty good though. I've barely thought about opiates and Subs are an afterthought to get or take. 21 days in I am and I feel fantastic. That first week can be a battle though but it can be done.

Take vitamins, walk a lot, self-assess the good you are doing by quitting everything, and don't be afraid to keep track of how many days you are clean. The farther it goes, the more guilt you'll start to feel even thinking about using because you don't want to mess up that shiny, crooked number.

PM me if you need some help along the way.


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