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PostPosted: Mon Sep 08, 2014 11:16 pm 
One Month or More
One Month or More

Joined: Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:38 pm
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I started using OC again after about 6 months clean from suboxone. I've been using everyday for like 3 months and 4 days ago stopped and used 1MG sub, and then 1 MG sub the next 2 days.

So 3 days of 1 MG of suboxone

9/4- 1MG
9/5- 1MG
9/6- 1MG
9/7- TODAY 90MG OC, I screwed up.

I'm planing on taking
9/8- .7MG
9/9- .5MG
9/10- NONE

What should I do now to combat WDs? Will the relapse into 90 MGs throw me back in time as far as detoxing from OCs? Today I realized I shouldn't be doing that and don't really have the urge to continue I want to be clean again...

advice? I'm so bummed I fell back into relapse

PostPosted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 1:30 am 
One Month or More
One Month or More

Joined: Fri May 16, 2014 8:21 pm
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First off, I'd say don't beat yourself for relapsing. It happens. Just means you'll pay the piper for your short run of SAO'S having some withdrawal. Hopefully you can fix whatever reason that caused you to relapse whether it be a break up, job loss, etc. If you don't mind. What was the reason for the relapse?

Sadly, you will have some sort of withdrawal. There are many factors involved(age, weight, metabolism, time using, amount used etc), so it's hard to estimate what you should do in order to suffer the least. The common OTC withdrawal aids are immodium at RECOMMENDED DOSE for s***s, ibuprofen for aches, melatonin,passion flower herb, valerian root for sleep. Music helps to get out of the funk and pass time. And, best of all a good balanced diet in protein and veggies. Some sort of exercise is great also even if walking is all u can do.

In the prescription medication arena, clonodine (old school blood pressure med), lyrica/gabapentin, benzo's and flexeril. Clonodine will help with skin crawling and some sleep, but don't use unless your BP is at or over 150/90. Lyrica is f***ING awesome getting rid of creepy crawly skin and RLS. Benzo's (xanax, klonopine, ativan, value and even s***ty librium) can help with extreme restlessness, jitters, anxiety, etc. Benzo's can help with sleep to, but if you can't get then try to find some trazadone. Geez! I have a big brown thorazine pill if I really needed to sleep, but was warned it'd knock my dick in the dirt, so not touched yet. All I've taken is moderate lyrica, flexeril and some xanax and I've been golden. I take moderate amounts to play it safe since I don't have any insurance and no doc to see and I feel great going into day 12 after an 8 year opiate addiction and being on suboxone for a little over a year. I jumped at a high dose of 3 mg. Don't fear letting go and's a rite of passage and with just a 6 month stint at 60 mg, you shouldn't withdrawal to long. Just don't stay on the suboxone too long or you'll get a cross tolerance and detox from both.

Unlike me, go get what you'd need from a doc. I myself have a high respect for mixing sedatives, so I stay cautious at what I take and write what I take down....time and amount I took.

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