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PostPosted: Fri Mar 23, 2012 2:53 pm 
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Hi All,

I posted this on the stopping suboxone section earlier, whoops. My first time on the site.

I take suboxone, battle opiate addiction, and had a relapse this week and wanted to share my thoughts and experiences with others, i was googling everything i could find this week about what happens if you fail a drug test while undergoing a suboxone program, i saw some posts and wanted to share for others that may be in this situation some day. So here goes my story:

I was a fairly heavy opiate user for about 3 years, of course my addiction progressed over time and the 5-10mg vicodin's and percocet's became 30-60 mg oxy's. I tried stopping of course to no avail and finally ended up taking suboxone in August of 2011, anyways the doctor i was seeing at the time started me off on (3) 8MG films per day, immediately i started feeling and doing much better, getting my life back on track. I was about two months into my treatment when i felt that i didn't need to take (3) films per day, so i cut myself down to 1 to 1.5 of the 8MG films per day. My main rationale was the physical side effects of the medication, constipation, etc. Anyways, that was a bad idea as the doctor i was seeing at the time told me my suboxone levels were too low and i was basically thrown out of their program.

I was able to find a new doctor and started with him in November 2011, luckily my suboxone treatment didn't really lapse as i had some extra films from when they were initially prescribing me 3 8mg films per day. Shortly thereafter i was able to go once a month to the doctor for a checkup and to get my script. I started off at 12MG per day and shortly thereafter was moved, down to 8mg, and then finally 6mg.

I should have spoke up or done something but i could feel myself slipping towards a relapse, increasing stress levels, alcohol use, non opiod drug use, etc. I finally ended up a week short on my sub prescription because i was still taking 8mg a day instead of the 6mg i was prescribed, at that point after a particularly rough night out on st patrick's day i slipped and called my "other doctor" the one i hadn't talked to in over 6 months. 45 minutes later i had 20, 15mg oxycodone pills in my hands and was on my way. I have to say the first day felt great, it got rid of my hangover beautifully. The problem came when i woke up Monday and took a couple more to "keep me going" and then a couple more after lunch, etc. You are probably getting the picture here, three days later i had met my "doctor" two more times and was really in full swing. Meanwhile I had an appointment in two days with my real doctor who prescribes me the suboxone. I was faced with a decision point of continued on-going addiction or admitting my mistake and getting some help. After some soul searching I showed up at my doctor's office this morning, had to get a urine test of course so i just fessed up on what had been going on. Obviously the doctor wasn't too pleased with what i told combined with my dirty urine, i got a good lecture, which i deserved and then some. At that point he told me that i could stay in the program , however i would need to come weekly for a while to make sure i was staying clean and he sent me on my way.

I feel okay today, still a little tired but no major wd's i can't handle, my last use was yesterday afternoon so about 24 hours ago now, i did dose with subs of course immediately after my appointment. I feel good about my chances going forward but realize i have a lot of work to do and things to change, however, i am really happy i got a 2nd chance for suboxone. I was pretty desperate heading into that doctor's appointment today and am relieved now. I found out in the middle of this relapse that my wife is pregnant and we are expecting our first child in November.

Just wanted to share that if you do slip up it's better to deal with it right away and be honest versus slip sliding away. Addiction really sucks and i want to do my best to control it going forward.

Anyone have any similar stories? Does my doctor sound very easy going about this versus other doctors.


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PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2012 8:23 am 
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Anyone have any similar stories?

When I first got into the Suboxone program, I teased it...meaning, I wasn't serious with my treatment. When I first began, I went to a methadone clinic, as I wasn't able to get a doctor in an office-based setting, so that's where I got my start. The methadone clinic that I went to only did weekly visits for Suboxone until you "proved" yourself..and by that, the doctor told me I would have to come for a few months, without missing a week, and that would be considered following the program (and ultimately being "good" I guess, by paying their $160/per week fee, you would be "good" to the doctor's wallet and provide him with those $500 meals he loved to eat in those fancy restaurants).
I however, could not stick to this because of the financial burden. I was able to go a week, skip a week..go a week..skip a week. The first time I skipped a week, I went and bought my drug-of-choice and had it on-hand and ready for the withdrawals and shit that I KNEW was coming..and I came down off Suboxone with Lortabs. The next week, I went back and got Suboxone I weaned myself off the opiates and started back into the Suboxone...and I was given a "warning" that I couldn't miss but one more weekly visit and I would be thrown from the program. I told them when that would be, because I knew I couldn't afford it again the following week. So when she told me that, I said "Well, you're going to throw me out next week then." And that's what happened.

I relapsed and went back to using. But I had my start...and that got me into searching for other doctors..
Long story short, I found out that doctors could prescribe suboxone in their office..and that's when I went to a regular doctor...and I got back into the program and started seeing a doctor monthly..which I could afford. That was the beginning of my success with it.

Does my doctor sound very easy going about this versus other doctors.

If you're still in the program with the same doctor that you relapsed with and he allowed you to continue coming to see him, then yes..I'd say he's easy-going. Most doctors make you sign a contract on your first visit, and if you fail a drug test then you've violated your contract..and that's grounds for being terminated from the program (plus being told to find another doctor.) I failed a drug test with the first doctor that I went to in an office-based setting (the one directly after my methadone clinic doctor)..
He found opiates because of some stupid cough syrup that I had taken (I didn't relapse and wasn't doing anything to get "high"..I just took some cough syrup for a cold)...and this guy really fucked me and my family over good when that happened. He made me come visit him each week for 7 weeks straight -- would only WRITE ME a week's supply of Suboxone at a time..and I had to PAY EACH TIME!!! So $110 a week for SEVEN weeks...then I raised hell and he put me back on monthly visits. And because I raised hell, he gave me ONE MONTH free..WOW. I was pissed and I had a strong dislike for the man after that...I had told him when I first started that I was on unemployment and so was my wife..and we had 3 kids we were trying to raise...And I was completely honest with him about the cough syrup incident...I didn't lie. But he still made me come down there, an HOUR away..and take drug tests each week...for 7 weeks. That was when I started looking for a new doctor again ...I had been with him for almost a year, and when that happened, I realized that this wasn't the kind of doctor who gave a damn about me personally..he only cared about it was time to change. And I found my current suboxone doctor..and he's just great. I've been with him for over 2 years..never a slip-up and no problems financially

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