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PostPosted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 2:58 pm 
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Hi, I am currently drug free, was a heavy heroin abuser for 15 years, and an importer so I had an unlimited supply of virtually pure heroin from Asia. In 1987 the DEA broke down my apartment door in SF and whisked me off in an awaiting Thunderbird, placed in the custody of the US Govt. for several years, I walked out of prison drug free and remained so for 17 years, I became a health fanatic, a yoga instructor and a spiritual seeker which prodded me to live in India for a year looking for "God", it was a shock to both family and friends when I relapsed a five years ago via a legitimate prescription for Oxycontin for pain. Not one to take half measures, I soon located a good source of heroin, methamphetamine and believe it or not inject-able Ketamine. To make a long story short, my family became alarmed at my increasingly bizarre behavior and got me interested in using ibogaine as an addiction interrupter here in Mexico (ibogaine is illegal in the US) it worked, I am drug free, back to being my happy go lucky self, and passionate about recovery however it can be induced.

I am not here to tout the wonders of ibogaine, though I see miracles from ibogaine treatment on a weekly basis, it isn't for everyone. My question is in regards to my brother who has been taking subotex, suboxone and small amounts of various opiates since his relapse about one year ago. (our paths have paralleled one another almost exactly, he went to prison with me, came out clean, remained so for 18 years, relapsed around the tail end of my relapse) I brought him down to Mexico for an ibogaine treatment (the clinic's director is a friend but I am questioning some of their opinions and practices) they have delayed treatment suggesting he go off the very small doses of suboxone he was taking ( we are talking about 1mg per day) and start using Oxycontin instead, their opinion is that suboxone has such a tenacious hold on receptor sites that makes ibogaine or any attempt to withdrawal much more difficult than from true opiates. Is there any medical evidence or research that suggests that suboxone clings to neuro receptor sites any differently or any longer than heroin or other opiates? Having "cold turkeyed" in federal prison from a 3-4 gram a day China White habit and an 80 mg. a day methadone addiction, I know that methadone is a longer (yet less intense) withdrawal than heroin, and am prepared to believe suboxone could fall into that category. But, at 1mg. per day?

Understandably, my friend's intention is not "evil" or even that she may have an odd underlying agenda, I simply feel that they are perhaps ill informed and have fallen under the sway of hard line alternative medical care providers and a kind of new age pollyanna belief system where all things which are closer to "natural" substances are inherently the better choice. In this case, I am afraid their opinion could be off base. Thanks for your patience and consideration of my current dilemma, I would most welcome any and all input.

Much Love, Christopher AKA zzgone

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