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PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 12:46 pm 
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I would like to hear about other people's experience of being on Suboxone, and if it effected their anxiety. There have been some side effects as there are with any drug, but the benefits at this point far out weigh the bad. Aside from it saving my life, I've noticed a lot of other benefits. The first being, that my depression is nearly GONE! It may surface for a day or two, but it doesn't sick. Also, little things that used to bother me don't bother me nearly as much when I'm on Suboxone. I used to over think things to death,to the point where I would get sick, and I've noticed I don't do that nearly as much when I'm on it.

The devastating lows that I used to have are gone. However, so are the high's. I don't get excited about the little things I used to, but at this point, it's 100 percent worth it. I was all over the place before. The only thing that is really bothering to a major extent me is my anxiety. It was crippling before, and now it's really bad. However, this anxiety is different. Before, when I would go through major flare ups, the anxiety and impending doom would follow me wherever I would go. Right now, my anxiety is more social. I'm fine when I'm at home but when I go out I'm too anxious to talk to people. For instance, I've been putting off a hair appointment for 3 months now, because I don't know if my anxiety will flare up to the point of me melting down. Mind you, my anxiety has always been bad, and is getting worse with age.
So far, the pro's of being on Sub are for sure out weighing the bad, but I can't continue on like this. I need to get a job soon, and can't work in this state. Even before, my anxiety nearly made me unemployable. All of my co workers noticed, and I was lucky to keep the job I had for a year and a half.

I'm at a loss right now, and can't figure out what to do.I can't hide it, and I shake when I go out in public. I take 12 milligrams a day. Do you think if I lower the dose it will get better? Going off sub is really not an option for me at this point. The benefits for sure out weigh the bad, but I need to figure out a way to get it under control, without the use of benzos. I was on Sub for 4 years, back in my twenties. It aggravated my anxiety then, but I dealt with it a lot better. Also, my baseline anxiety wasn't as bad.

I'm wondering if it's the Naloxone in it. Could switching to Subutex be the answer? I've been back on it for nearly 6 months, so I should be stable on it right now. I dose 4 milligrams 3 times a day. I do this because I'm afraid of taking all 12 milligrams at once. About 2 hours after my dose my anxiety kicks in to over drive. I'm supposed to be on 16, but I feel extremely unwell on that dose. Any suggestions would be great.

PostPosted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 6:38 pm 
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Riley, I really think that seeing an addiction counselor/therapist would be a great idea for you. I've already told you about SMART Recovery and cognitive behavioral therapy, but I have to mention them again. I guarantee that you would not be the only person having problems with anxiety at a meeting. Moreover, I am convinced that you have so much power in your own mind to affect positive change.

We are addicts. We are used to turning to pills and thinking, "Which pill at what dosage can make my problem go away?" Well, it's time to move on from this type of thinking outside of possibly trying an SSRI like Prozac, for example. It's not that it's a bad idea to ask others on this forum about their anxiety on buprenorphine. We can definitely be a resource in that way. But we are a recovery forum in more ways than just taking medication.

The reason I appreciate cognitive behavioral and other techniques, is because it puts you in control of some things that you can actually control. Here's an article from the SMART Recovery website that I think will make sense to you (and me, because I also suffer from anxiety). There are many resources on the website that are free. You can download them and print them out, and they're basically straight out of the workbook! ... 1520789344

It is hard for us to think outside our box, which has been informed and created by our life experiences and our addiction. I think if we try, though, that we can help ourselves. A therapist can also be very helpful in guiding you in this area. The great thing about a therapist who does CBT is that you they can focus on the problem you want to target, and help you make changes in a matter of weeks and months. I think that when people think of therapy that they picture long, drawn out sessions of psychotherapy talking about your mother and every single thing in your past. While I think that can be helpful in some situations too, a therapist can be much more targeted and help you make some changes rather quickly.

I hope that you might at least think about what I'm saying here, because I'm talking about things you can do for your recovery as well as for your short term goals of anxiety-reduction.


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