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PostPosted: Sun Nov 22, 2009 6:21 pm 
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Can anyone please help me? I have been taking suboxone when I first got preggo not much but just little pieces and I am wondering if they can tell by the tests they do for pregnancy. I am planning on stopping but any very scared! Thanks!

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 23, 2009 10:44 am 
kristina - The answer to your question is "It depends..." Unless you tell your OB/Gyn that you have a history of drug abuse, they probably will not drug test you at a routine first prenatal visit. That is assuming you're going to a private physician. Now if you're going to a free clinic or a medicaid-type clinic where there is a higher incidence of drug abuse in the population that is seen by those doctors, then I'd say, yes they probably drug screen everyone.
It is my understanding that Suboxone does NOT show up on a regular drug screen. It would have to be specifically tested for and is expensive, so not routinely done.
Regardless of all that - Please tell your OB what you've been doing. People in the medical profession usually have a lot more respect for you if you tell the truth. Doctors and nurses get pissy when they are expected to provide you with the best possible care and you make it IMpossible by not telling them the truth. Sure, they may look at you sideways and treat you kind of crappy (which is totally wrong) because you're a 'druggie' but for the most part, once they see that you are not seeking drugs and are really only interested in doing the right thing, they will almost always lighten up and be good to you.
This is about your baby more than it is about you....that little fetus didn't ask to be there and it can't speak for you've gotta "Mom up" and tell the truth.
Plus if you need to be on Subutex in order to keep you off opiates - that would be better for you and the baby and the doctor needs to know about it and get you set up with a Sub doc.
I hope the best for you. Try to settle down and just think clearly. You should be fine with your prenatal testing.

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