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PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2010 10:14 am 
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Since I originally posted my Low Testosterone message on the Side Effects Board, I have received several replies from men experiencing similar symptoms. Admittedly this is not any sort of scientific sampling and I cannot say with any certainty that opiate abuse and Suboxone use causes low testosterone, but I am becoming a believer of this very thing. The "normal" range for Testosterone in men is very large. Depending upon whom you ask, the Normal Range (according to my Endocrinologist) is 241 to 829 ng./dl. I have seen it quoted by some urologists that men in their 20s to late 40s should be in a range from 500 to 1000. So, it seems an inexact science at best.
I would like to hear from people in the medical community. There is supposedly evidence reported in many places on the Web that methadone use can cause lowered testosterone, so why not other opiates. What about those people that say there is "scientific evidence" for marijuana abuse causing the same. Could it be that abuse of any "get high" chemical has such an effect on our pituitary glands? That is probably a streach and I am not try to start rumors. I really would like to know: 1. Is it scientifically documented anywhere that opiate abuse can lead to lowered testosterone level is some men? and 2. if so, what is the mechanism by which this happens?
In my case, an MRI scan was done on my pituitary and a small benign nodule was found on it (3mm; apparently it must be 5mm or larger to be called a growth or tumor). My doctor told me not to worry about this, and that because my Prolactin levels were normal, he did not think that this nodule was related to my low T. He said that with 75% of men with low T, it is medication related, though Suboxone is not (yet) on that list. The other 25% they just never find out why.
I am looking at needing to spread Androgel on myself every morning for the rest of my life. It has documented side effects of increasing the likelihood of prostate cancer, as if we men need more of that. I mean, I heard if a man lives to 80, he has almost a 100% chance of getting prostate cancer as it is. I suppose I would just be at risk of getting it younger.
There seems to be very little research into this, or once detected how one can "kick-start" their body back into production.
Well, this post is too long already. Please write back with your comments. I need to talk to more guys that suffer from this condition.

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