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PostPosted: Sun May 27, 2012 11:52 pm 
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A lot more people use Suboxone than ever post. So if you are reading this and have used Suboxone (Bup) for a year or more, decided to do a fairly rapid taper off, and found it worked very well -- Please write and provide some details, it is way to hard to search for information and come up with inspirational stories.

I am talking about quitting Oxy for pain, using Bup at around 12-16 mg for just over a year - and doing a successful taper off.

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PostPosted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 12:12 pm 
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Executive summary: I was on for about a year and a half, tapered off and now I'm clean over 7 months.

Detailed version: I went to detox for heroin in April 2010 and got on suboxone. 3 months later I got off the subs, not really realizing that I was going to go through the most painful withdrawals of my life. They lasted so much longer and were more soul-crushing than heroin ever was, and that was just after 3 months of 16 mg/day. Naturally, I relapsed on heroin soon after, and then on New Years 2011 I decided to get on suboxone for maintenance. My dose varied from 8 mg/day all the way down to 2 mg/day, constantly fluctuating because I never felt right. Around July of last year I decided to taper off and did a very slow taper, lowering my dose every 2 weeks until I jumped off after being on 0.5 mg a day for 2 weeks. This was absolute hell: I felt like shit ALL the time during this taper, and it didn't exactly make the withdrawals easier. I made it 2 weeks, then got back on the subs because I couldn't function in school. By November last year, I was sick of everything and finally checked into rehab. When I checked in I was on 8 mg/day of maintenance, but I was taken off of the subs completely in 2 weeks. I felt like shit, but I actually liked this fast taper better than doing a slow taper. When you do a fast taper, you notice how much better you feel every day. When you're doing a slow taper, every day is still fucking miserable and it doesn't get noticably better on a day-to-day basis.

It has taken me a long time to recover. At 30 days off of subs, I was still not what I would call a real person. I had no fucking emotion at all. By 90 days, I was physically feeling more or less like myself but with some serious mood swings. By 5-6 months, my confidence and sense of humor started to come back. I generally feel like I could live the rest of my life like this and not want drugs, although I'm sure there's probably still a lot of recovery ahead of me.

I exercise religiously, eat healthier than I have ever eaten in my life, and the only drugs I have taken since stopping the subs are propranolol (a beta blocker that in no way alters your consciousness) and, a few weeks ago, I went out one night and had some beers with some high school friends. I don't recommend drinking alcohol, especially early on (ie: less than 4-5 months off subs), but I talked about it with everyone in my circle of family and friends who genuinely care about me before I went and drank and we decided I could handle it since it was a rare occasion (I hadn't seen these friends in over a year and I live out of town). That's not what support groups and rehabs will tell you; they consider any drug a drug. But those same support groups and rehabs also condone putting people on benzos and suboxone long-term, so I don't trust them when it comes to that shit.

All in all, my recovery has been about finding what works for me. The things that helped me most are:

1) Being thoroughly honest, not just with everyone else but most importantly with myself.
2) Doing things because I want to do them, and not because other people want me to do them.
3) Genuinely wanting to be drug-free.

Good luck.

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