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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 10:40 pm 
6 Months or More
6 Months or More

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I kept this log of my taper starting about 25 days ago when I was adjusted to 1/10th of a 2mg suboxone strip. I rated my w/d pain from 1-10 on the first few days that I had noticeable w/d. I also calculated the total amount taken each day. I randomly recorded symptoms I was feeling throughout the day. If I didn’t log the symptom I didn’t have it. On the first day I was going to jump off completely because I was beginning a week off from school. I decided the next day(day 2) to cut my dose down quite a bit instead of jumping because I was sick 24 hours in and I read some post on this forum that encouraged me to continue with my taper. Well, here it is…..

DAY 1, Friday, 5:00pm- last dose was 1/10th of a 2mg at 5pm Thursday (yesterday). WITHDRAWL PAIN SCORE- 2
Slight headache, a bit uneasy about the thought of withdrawal. A little bit of a need to move feeling. Overall I feel ok, just a bit uncomfortable.

Have some hope that this may not be that bad. Feel excited about getting off this drug and not feeling sick everyday on a low dose (constipated, tired, sick, obsessing over dosage, etc.) can’t get off this drug faster.

Ps. Clonodine helped immensely. After about an hour all my uneasy feeling went away and I took a nice nap, woke up feeling fine.


DAY 2, Saturday, 730pm- Decided to take a very small dose because the withdrawl was too much….Bad headache, muscle pain, temperature fluctuation, couldn’t sleep last night. Dosed 2mg/36 at 2pm today. WITHDRAWL PAIN SCORE BEFORE DOSE- 4 …..AFTER DOSE-1

Feel fine now a few hours after dose, slight irritability and boredom. Still hopeful.


DAY 3, Sunday 1PM,-last dose was .055MG at 1am(12 hrs ago) last night. Felt very bad last night with fluctuating temperature so I needed to take a dose. Feel fine right now. WITHDRAWL PAIN - 1

630PM- still feel fine and have not dosed yet. Last dose 18hrs ago. About to work out.
7pm- dosed .055mg. felt fine but was bored and wanted to get it over with so I wouldn’t get sick later...


DAY 4, Monday 7am- dosed .055mg. don’t remember how I felt. Dosed again .055mg at 1230 before doing to dr. probably more because I was anxious then about the dr. than sick. At night I felt a bit anxious and almost dosed but glad I didn’t.


DAY 5, Tuesday 615am, -last dose yesterday .055 in two doses (19 hrs ago). Feel great with WITHDRAWL PAIN 1. Hopeful. About to dose .055mg because I am scared of becoming sick at work.
second dose I took at 1am the following morning(18hrs later) when I woke up feeling very irritable and uncomfortable


DAY 6, Wednesday- dosed .055 at 6pm(17hrs after last dose) was not sick but felt like I had to take it. Wanted to Rearrange my dosing to night time which this should allow me to do now. Feel very hopeful after watching 127 hrs and a great day at work! WITHDRAWL PAIN TODAY 0


DAY 7, Thursday-amazing how far ive come in only 1 week. Feels like much longer. This is why I have to take it slow. Felt fine all day. Not even sick when I dosed .055mg at 6pm(24hrs after last dose!). I think I am settled on .055mg. Last night after dose I felt a bit fidgety. Tonight I feel 100% fine


DAY 8, Friday- 6 pm feel even better than yesterday and didn’t even dose yet. About to but don’t feel sick. Will take .055mg… day three at .055mg at night(24hrs after last dose) only odd feeling is that its hard to find a perfect temperature at night.


DAY 9, Saturday -12pm, just dosed .055mg. Dosed a bit early (18hrs after last dose) because I was anxious about writing a paper. Wanted to feel 100%. Felt good but with a bit of w/d(eyes watery and some temp fluctuation)

3 pm- Holy shit I feel so genuinely happy, hopeful, excited about life off subs…. Almost there! Been looking at google maps and places I want to plan a road trip to. So excited. Feel so good. Cant imagine how good I will feel when I am free of subs!! Happiness is real!


DAY 10, Sunday- Dosed .055mg at 4pm.


DAY 11, Monday- dosed .055 at 2pm and .055 at 4pm because of paper due tomorrow. Don’t feel sick just RLS keeping me from getting work done and slightly agitated.


DAY 12, Tuesday- will try and take .032 (2/62) today, new dose. might be slightly more because piece was bigger.

This morning on the way to school I felt amazing. So happy and excited about everything.

In school I felt pretty good, just a bit of RLS and agitation when sitting in a lecture. When doing something or moving around it goes right away. No temp. fluctuation or feeling like im “missing something” today.

5pm-have not dosed yet. Don’t feel like I need to but will since its been 24hrs since last dose and I want to be consistent to avoid sickness. I feel fine really, at home with no RLS, temp fluctuation, uneasy feeling, etc. Really starting to feel normal. I think for the next month or so I will probably experience good and bad days so its important that I stick with this and not feel defeated if I have a random crappy day. So far real real real good though. And definitely noticing improvements as the days pass. Hasn’t even been 2 full weeks yet. WOW. About to dose around .036mg (5pm).


Day 13, Wednesday- Best day so far. Definitely settled on this dose. No RLS today, major symptom of the previous several days. Only symptom right now, 5pm, is slight slight niffles and watery eyes. NOTHING ELSE. About to dose .032mg (24hrs since last dose).


Day 14, Thursday- Took 2 full weeks but finally know I am at 100% settled on this dose .032 every 24 hrs. Feel great, no more RLS or temp fluctuation. Only a bit of watery eyes when stressed at school. About to dose .032mg at 5:30 pm(24hrs since last dose)


Day 15, Friday- Took .032mg at 130pm. Was nervous id be sick for meeting with teacher so dosed a few hrs early. Felt a little worse than yesterday but nothing to complain about.


Satuday, day 16- Dosed .032 at 2am, woke up restless. Dose looks much smaller now than ever before. Might be lower than .032mg. its 12pm now and I feel much better. No temp flux, sweatly hands or RLS. Feel good.

Felt fine all day, dosed at 430 (.032mg or less, very small piece) when in need of break from studying.

DAY TOTAL- around .6

Day 17, Sunday- 11am, haven’t dosed yet. Feel fine. Felt great all night. Still constipated in the morning though.

Dosed at 1200pm .032mg.

6pm. No w/d whatsoever. Feel normal like I did before all these pills. Is this what normal feels like? Not oddly over the top happy and excited but not sick at all? Slight lack of motivation to do work but once I start I feel good. Procrastinating a lot.


DAY 18, MONDAY- haven’t dosed since yesterday at 12 (28hrs ago) and still feel fine. Slight slight sniffles when I think about subs. Mental shit. Really starting to think I am almost normal again.
815pm (32hrs!!!! after last dose)- feel even better than before and still have NOT dosed. Weird. About to dose ¾ of .032mg because I am studying and it might help concentration.


DAY 19, TUESDAY- 530PM-about to dose. Feel fine, just a little agitated. Probably from long tiring day and exam. Dosing less than .024mg(21 hrs after last dose.)


DAY 20, WEDNESDAY- Felt normal all day. Not too high or low. Am so low on subs now I obsess over being completely done. Am a bit fatigued and lack energy. No w/d though. Dosed at 430pm .024


DAY 21 THURSDAY- 430pm…Feel normal. Great mood. No w/d whatsoever all day. Have not dosed yet. Am going to try not to today. If I do I am going to take ¼ of a 2/31 piece which is about .016mg!!!

Dosed at 830(28hrs after last dose) because I felt a bit restless, agitated. Some RLS in class. But still felt happy and good.


DAY 22, FRIDAY- 7pm and haven’t dosed yet. Feel normal. No RLS or any other w/d. might not dose.

1030pm(26hrs after last dose)- holy shit just had the best workout and I feel soooo good. RLS went away. Going to take clonodine instead of dosing.

DAY TOTAL- 0.0MG!!!!!

DAY 23, SATURDAY- holy crap!! 930am and still feel the same as yesterday which means NO W/D!!!! not even RLS. Last dose was Thursday (37hrs ago).

430pm- feel even better than yesterday! Its been 44 hours since my last dose and I feel 100% normal. Am actually relaxed right now w/ no RLS, sweaty palms, watery eyes….NOTHING.

11pm- 51 hrs after last dose…feel nothing, absolutely nothing. No “missing” feeling, no RLS, no sweaty palms, no “cant find the right position”. Hopefully tomorrow is the same. If I get past tomorrow I will know I MADE IT!!!


DAY 24, SUNDAY- 7am(59hrs after last dose) woke up early but still feel good. I think I actually feel better than yesterday because I am not worrying whether I made it or not. I am pretty sure today that I did make it.

4pm- still feel good…. Some watery eyes and a bit of anxiety/agitation( 67hrs after last dose.)

10pm- 73 hrs since last dose…just got back from work. Felt a bit “hot” on drive to work. Feel normal again now though. Yawned a lot and had some watery eyes at work. Nothing now!


DAY 25, MONDAY- 4PM, last dose was 91 hours ago….feel even better than yesterday. Absolutely NO w/d. I AM DONE!!!! I DID IT!!!! ITS ALL OVER!!!!

830pm-95 hours… feel great, still no symptoms. Was a wee bit restless(maybe not the best word cuz I really felt good) and had sweaty palms for about an hour around 5pm but took a clonodine and it went away.


3PM- 113 hours after last dose, no w/d, period.

DAY 27, WEDNESDAY- log officially over, mission complete, this is Jesse signing off.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 20, 2011 11:50 pm 
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Super-Duper Poster
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Jesse, thank you...God Bless...and WAY TO GO!!!!

 Post subject: Fantastic
PostPosted: Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:32 pm 
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[font=Comic Sans MS] [/font] Awesome, I am going to read through your whole post before bed tonight, but from what I saw it looks very in depth & helpful thanx :wink: [font=Comic Sans MS] [/font]

Can't quit until you try, can't live until you die, can't breathe until you choke, gotta laugh when you're the joke... *Life Is Beautiful*

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