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PostPosted: Wed Aug 26, 2015 9:52 pm 
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Intro (the other half of my background):

I'll keep this one short as well, as I'm not sure exactly what I want to share yet.

Hx: Dabbled more than most since ~13, but never had a problem drinking, never had an addiction before immediately jumping to IV heroin. Used for 3.5 years, buprenorphine/naloxone maintenance therapy for the past 20+ months without relapse. Mental illnesses appeared prior to heroin use, aside from schizophrenia which overlapped with my use, quitting and sobriety. I've tried nearly all Rx for everything listed in Dx aside from addiction (suboxone only) and schizophrenia (quetiapine dropped quickly for olanzapine which actually made schizophrenia worse [paradoxical reaction])

Dx: addiction (severe, 3.5 yr) major recurrent depression (severe, ~9yr), panic disorder/GAD (~14 yr), schizophrenia (severe, 18 mo. with spontaneous remission (8 mo.) upon discontinuation of AP)

Rx (current only): fluxoetine 10mg, mirtazapine 22.5mg, bupe/nalox 16mg, aripiprazole 5mg, clonazepam 1mg, bupropion 300mg (phasing out), trazodone 50-100mg (very brief trial, terrible reaction)

I know how helpful it is to find someone with seemingly 'similar chemistry' to you, so please don't hesitate, both if you suffer from the same/looking for advice, or if you have any suggestions you think I may be better off with. I know, none of us (even the doctors) are your doctor(s) and nothing can substitute personalized, professional medical advice, nor is anything posted/PM'd supposed to be taken as such.

I'm definitely not medication-adverse but I love CBT, DBT and any cognitive/therapeutic approach to healing/treatment. This is something I hope to learn more about from this site, so please, if you know of something that works for you, let me know!

Oh - I know only a fraction of people read intros, but just as a heads up, I try to bold the important parts of my messages for those who just care to skim, or don't have time to read everything but want to help/reply.

Intro: post99661.html
Addiction Story: post99662.html
Individuals who have a strong interest/experience in medicine.
New Suboxone doctor/psychiatrist/therapist in the Boston area.

PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2015 2:11 pm 
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Hi again NurseMiel,

No words of wisdom from me today. What I don't like is any unanswered posts so I'm bumping yours up again.

Thanks for joining our forum with all the knowledge you have in recovery. Please post freely and stick around. Those with a medical background are a very needed resource here on our forum so a big Welcome once more for you.


Don't take yourself so damn seriously

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