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PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2009 5:58 pm 
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Hi everyone, I'm new here and I have some questions.

I was being prescribed Oxycodone 5mgs Immediate Release for a year as well as Hydrocodone/Apap (Vicodin 7.5) for 7 months. It was because of a car accident last year.

I am 33, and first fell inlove with Percocet when I was 17, but after my accident, I was in so much pain because of a disk problem due to the accident, that when I realized I'd be getting pain pills on a regular basis, it was like winning the lottery, for a short while that is.

I was getting 240 Pain Pills a month, 120 OxyIR and 120 Vikes. I eventually got addicted (I was always addicted to pain pills, it was only mentally) Until I because physically and mentally addicted to the was hell. The main drug I got addicted to was Oxycodone. I couldn't believe that I was getting 240 narcs a month and still had to get them elseewhere when my script ran out.

Anyways, the pain stopped, although I do get some occasionaly, nothing like it used to be. Other drugs that I've used (Heroion, but only 2x) Coke many times, OC's etc.

I just started the Suboxones two weeks ago. I started off with 8 mgs a day, now I'm on 16 mgs a day. I thought this was supposed to be a miracle drug? Well in a way I guess it is, because I no longer get a script of oxys or hydros, it prevents me from buying off the street, etc.

I still get thoughts of wanting oxys, or just the thought of crushing them up like I used to and still have thoughts about using them even while I'm on Sub. I thought that all of these thoughts were supposed to leave my mind. They haven't.

I do get a BUZZ (not totally high) but a significant buzz from these things, I'm in no way complaining about it, but I thought that they wouldn't do that. Does anyone else get that?

I guess I had an easy time finding a Sub dr. which I am very lucky to have or I would have ended up on Methadone. I heard horror stories about that. How long did it take some of you? I was too scared to go to my Primary Care Dr to admit I had a prob with them, but in a way greatful, because within a week, I had an appt for my sub dr, who also is going to take care of my other meds, which is better than having other docs prescribe different meds, as there was one time (I use the same hospital and these were referrals from my PCP), so it's not like I went Doc Shopping, as I have a PCP, ortho, Neuro, shrink and now a sub dr, who is my new shrink.

One time, from the same hospital, I was getting one anti-depressant from the PCP then the Neuro prescribed me another one, so I was taking two at a time, felt like hell. It was a mess until they got their new computer system would would track all meds by providers within the system.

So, I did ramble a bit but here are my questions:
1. How does Suboxone make you feel? It makes me feel like I'm high, sleepy, a bit of anxiety (seeing that I'm waning offmy current anti-depressent for another one, and weaning off Kpins).

2. How long did it take you to get into Suboxone treatment? It took me a week.

3. How long do you plan on taking Subs? I guess I am a drug addict, but I read stories of people saying don't take them more than 2 weeks, but I plan on being on them for a year. If I'm not, I think I will use, and I like them. Is that bad to like the subs?

4. Are you required to give urine tests every week? I am.

5. Are you required to attend outpatient rehab? I am

6. If you urine sample comes out dirty, will your doc take you off of them? Mine won't, which I think is good because I'm trying to stay clean and do the right thing.

7. How much does this stuff cost you? Mine cost $100.00 because my non-preffered copay is 100, which I guess isn't that bad, I've heard of other people having to pay $400.00 or more????

8. Do you like the taste of it? I hate the way it taste. I am going to see if the pharmacy will flavor it strawberry or something else than the nasty orange.


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PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 5:06 am 
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Hi Matt-

Thanks for writing, for someone that likes opiates, your situation did seem like luck in the beginning. The idea of Suboxone being a "Miracle Drug" is a farce. Wherever you heard this, you were misinformed. Suboxone is a recovery tool-nothing more,nothing less. Your thoughts are not going to magically go away because of a pill.Suboxone alleviates the physical craving, but the mental craving is up to you.Are you attending any education or support groups? That is what helps the mental end of things.The opiates have damaged your brain receptors and it takes time and hard work to repair that damage.
The "buzz" you are experiencing does happen, but that is usually a sign of being on too high a dose.It will eventually go away and taking more will not give a stronger effect.
Now, I will answer your other questions. I have been on Suboxone for 2 years and am very happy with it.Some people stay on it indefinitely, others do not.It is a personal choice between you and your doctor.


2.- When I first started looking, it took me about a week.Then I needed to find a doctor closer to home and that took a month or so.

3. Like I said, I have no plan to stop using Suboxone anytime soon.It has been a very successful treatment for my situation because I have severe pain issues and will not go back to painkillers. Do NOT listen to stories about only taking it for two weeks, etc. Many of these horror stories come from people that did not follow the treatment protocol for Buprenorphine, or thought they could design their own taper schedules. There are very good reasons for why things are done a certain way in medication assisted recovery.

4. not weekly, but at each doctor visit.It is pretty standard.

5. No

6. I don't think he does

7. I have insurance, my scripts have a twenty dollar co-pay but I pay the doctor cash, 90.00 per visit for office fee and urine screen fee.

8. The taste is not the greatest but you should be grateful you aren't taking Subutex.

"It is never too late to be what you might have been!" - George Eliot

PostPosted: Fri Sep 18, 2009 8:01 pm 
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Hey Matt - regarding cravings - I had them too early in my Sub treatment. A good idea is to figure out what triggers the craving. Are you bored? lonely? tired? hungry? stressed? angry? happy? in pain? Once you've identified what's going on you can learn ways to deal with that feeling. Distraction is really effective. Also, realize that it's just a craving and it will pass. SMART recovery has good resources for dealing with cravings.

1. Some people get a "buzz" from Suboxone, especially in the begining. Like Shel said, your dose might be too high. It will pass after a while anyway and you'll just feel normal. I always felt like Sub gave me a little lift. It worked like an antidepressant for me.

2. I started my treatment in a clinical trial for Probuphine. I think it was a week or two from the first time I called and when I actually got on Suboxone.

3. I finished my taper about 6 weeks ago. I was on Sub for 22 months. I think using Sub as a maintainance medication is a good thing. Don't listen to the "2 Weeks Only!" crowd.

4. My Sub doc did UA's like rarely. Maybe 6 times in 2 years. He only did them because I'm on medicaid and they require it for Suboxone patients.

5. I didn't have to do outpatient rehab. I had the option but I worked out a personalized treatment plan instead. I was supposed to do 3 "recovery-oriented" activities a week. I wrote a blog, went to yoga and went to therapy. That was my rehab I guess.

6. I have no idea. I never failed a UA. I don't think my doc would kick someone off though. Not the first time anyway.

7. Medicaid paid for my doctor visits and my medication for 18 months. Before that I got it through the clinical trial. When my insurance ran out I was ready to taper off so that's what I did.

8. Not the best taste in the world but after a while it stopped bothering me. Really, when you think about the alternative it's hardly anything to complain about.

You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.

-Jack Kornfield

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