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PostPosted: Sat Aug 16, 2014 3:08 am 
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So I need some help on my situation from you guys because it's kinda complicated and I am scared that somehow it won't work out and I'm going to end up in sub withdrawals by next weekend and I'm trying to avoid that at all costs. So here is my story...

Three weeks ago I went to a sub doctor here in the city and after a lengthy first appointment I walked out of there with a script for subs 8mg/2mg #28, supposed to take 2 strips a day so it's a two week supply. The month prior to that appointment, I had gotten the Vivitrol injection: the 28-day naltrexone shot that blocks effects of all opiates completely. Once the shot has worn off, it's perfectly fine to switch to suboxone if the vivitrol isn't working. Plus, taking sub while vivitrol is still in your system won't hurt you at all either way.... SO I thought it had been the full 4 weeks since my shot and it apparently had only been 3 weeks.

Long story short, I told the counselor at the doc office that I had gotten the shot a month ago, but accidentally didn't tell the doctor during the brief time I was in seeing her. When I got to the pharmacy afterward to fill the script, they said "No, you just had your vivitrol shot only 21 days Ago so we have called your doctor to make Sure she knows you're on vivitrol and that It's ok for you to fill this today." I thought to myself sure no problem it's close enough to the end oft shot surely she'll OK the script and let it slide but their office was about to close and I needed it filled that day so I got the paper script back from the pharmacist and went to a different pharmacy and got it successfully filled.

I couldn't start taking the subs yet though because
I was in a sober living program that did not authorize me
To take suboxone while living in their housing. I finally moved out of there this past Monday and started taking the subs finally as well. I called the doc office to get a new appointment scheduled to see her for a refill now that I had started taking them. The secretary called me back and told me that the doctor said since I was on vivitrol when she wrote me the script and I hadn't informed her about it that she is no longer willing to see me for suboxone treatment and that I'll have to find a new provider. This made me panic because I had been taking 8-16mg/day of suboxone that my friend was giving me for about 2 weeks before I even started taking any of my own script.

I HAVE to see a provider that takes insurance because I can't afford the super high cash-only rates doctors charge these days for sub treatment..but there are only 3 doctors left into city that take insurance and are accepting new patients, everyone else is full. One of the 3 docs obviously just cut me off. The second one is by referral only and due to the crappy situation, I'm having a hell of a time trying to get my original doc to fax a referral to this new provider. The third doctor is interesting. I got an appointment with him in 5 days and I have 10 days worth of subs left.

But there is a catch. I have seen this guy before, one time back in 2012. Basically my suboxone doctor at that time had gotten in a car accident and was not going to be able to see me for a refill for several weeks, so I went to this new guy in an effort to get a refill and ultimately transfer to him and have him be my new primary sub provider. I went in to his office and it was a freaking disaster. He accused me of trying to get high on suboxone and doctor shopping out of state (I was living 2 hours away in a neighboring state at the time) as well as he told me I wasn't a good candidate for suboxone and there are people who actually need his treatment and I'm not one of them. He walked out and that was the end. It's funny though because I know someone who went to him for a sub consult as well and he said almost the same thing to them, we thought maybe he was scamming money by charging us all up front for the appointment then turning every person down when it came time to discuss suboxone maintenance.

So now I'm in a slightly different situation but still going to see this guy on Thursday because he is currently my only option. Similar to last time, I'm going in to see him while already on suboxone and am trying to establish him as my new provider of it. I think it's a 50/50 chance at this point but I have no idea what to do. I've been on suboxone through 4 different providers, 4 separate periods of time in my life and he is the only sub doctor I've ever seen that has
Turned me down and said I'm not a good candidate. I just figure there HAS to be something I can say when I go see him that will let him know that treating me is worth it and that I AM a good candidate. I'm not asking what to say to get a drug, but rather I'm asking how to deal with a difficult doctor that I desperately have to be successful with otherwise I'm going to run out of subs and get sick.

TL;DR:::my suboxone doctor cut me off due to a confusing misunderstanding and now I am forced to see the only remaining insurance-accepting, open sub provider in town and I just happened to have seen him two years ago to try and get on subs through him when my doctor got injured and couldn't see me for a refill. Even though I was already on them, he refused and said I wasn't a good candidate for suboxone and that I needed to go back to my other doctor. This time around, I am seeing him because I have 9 days of subs supply left but currently no suboxone provider and I am physically dependent and will go through withdrawal if I have to stop taking them abruptly.

I'm afraid that he's going to turn me down again. It sucks. I really need it to work out because
I am working a good program right now I have a sponsor I go to meetings and I'm living at a recovery house currently and the suboxone has been working amazingly for me.

Any advice or comments are greatly appreciated.


PostPosted: Sat Aug 23, 2014 4:33 pm 
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Hey cwake23,

Sorry that no one got back to your original post. Don't take it personally, there are just a lot of people on this forum and sometimes one or two get ignored.

So tell us, what has been happening since this last post? Did you get it squared away with the doctor you wanted to see? My opinion has always been to be honest with any situation that occurs. Telling him that you just plain forgot about the Vivitrol shot is quite believable. He could verify that you did tell the counselor about it earlier as it should have been written down. Then all that mess would be cleared up.

What's going on? How about an update? And one more thing I forgot to say...Welcome to the Forum!


Don't take yourself so damn seriously

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