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PostPosted: Mon Sep 19, 2011 10:55 pm 
Part 2 - "And I feel just like Jesus' Son..."

....Continued....As my friend was shaking his head ‘no,’ as to say that I shouldn’t try heroin, my endorphin receptors were shaking their heads ‘YES!’ I was 18 the first time I tried heroin and as I said I was scared to do so even though I had been using IV oxycodone and morphine among other opiates for a good couple years already. I had friends keep their eyes and ears open for heroin. I got the call one day at work from a friend who had found a way to get heroin. I told him to get a gram, I would buy the whole thing and share with him. After work I went to his house and he had a gram of black tar heroin. I was unfamiliar with the cooking process as I never cooked my pills to prepare them for injection and I certainly wasn’t familiar with amounts to use but I gave it my best college try and cooked up probably about 1/25 of a gram as a test shot. My friend did his first and was fine but something in me was still leary of taking that final plunge. I was contemplating not taking it outloud and must have set my syringe down on a coffee table. My friend suggested that if I was really scared of doing it IV I could inject it into a muscle. I continued to procrastinate outloud and my friend picked the syringe up without my seeing it somehow…obviously early in my use, because it wouldn’t be long before I would NEVER take my eyes off of a fix….he gave me a surprise IM injection through my shirt into my left upper arm. I was really shocked and kind of angry but within a couple minutes I felt that warm euphoria spread over my body and again, though I had been using opiates for years already, this was different…This was IT….I W A S H O M E. I fell instantly in love with the feeling as well as how little an amount gave me such a feeling, like I said I did probably 1/25 a gram…I remember actually thinking this gram is going to last me forever! I still had the better part of a gram and the intention of using it…well, certainly not daily. I retrieved the rest of the gram as I had paid for it, brought it back to my apartment and actually put it along with some syringes, cottons, a lighter and a spoon in my bathroom medicine cabinet! This was my medicine, this was my drug of choice. This isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. I used heroin everyday there after for the next two years. To be continued…

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