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PostPosted: Sat Nov 09, 2013 6:46 pm 
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Hey all! My second post now! :P

I've just been prescribed the antidepressant 'Lexapro.' (only 10mg daily to start off, at this stage). I have taken Lexapro in the past but never at the same time as suboxone (I've only been on suboxone for 2.5 months now & have been off any antidepressants for at least 6 months now).

I'm currently on 8mg Sub but just recently (like, today!!) realized its way too high dosage (I was on 4mg then jumped up to 8mg once daily. I've been on 8mg for 2 weeks now & it's given me many severe side effects such as horrible muscle pain, joint pain, BAD fatigue, much worse depression than normal.. So 8mg is definitely too much, I didn't have these issues on 4mg!)

Anyway, I'm just worried that the Lexapro might mix badly with the Suboxone? Or at least, initially getting used to the Lexapro might make me more depressed (which is always very possible starting a new antidepressant!) & I just could not handle MORE depression right now! These side effects of 8mg sub are terrible!

I probably wouldn't be so worried if I was currently on just 4mg of sub but I took 8mg last night (& have for past 2 weeks as I said) & will go down in dosage of sub as of today but people here say it has a very long half life, therefore I will probably still feel the side effects of the 8mg for another week/2 weeks! Is this correct? And am I just being an idiot thinking the Lexapro will somehow make the Suboxone side effects worse? I'm just so scared about side effects getting worse because right now I'm in excruciating pain & my depression is so much worse!

... I DO have hope as I think taking the Sub dose down will help me a LOT, but my doctor did tell me to begin taking Lexapro urgently/straight away but I'm just worried that all the drugs in my system will screw me up worse! And yes, I'm probably worrying way too much but I just feel so terrible as it is, I'm too fragile right now to handle much more! And I try to explain all of this to my doctor & she really doesn't say anything! (It also doesn't help she knows VERY little about suboxone!)

Thanks to anyone who may read (& hopefully reply!!) to this!

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